Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry for Dec. 6th, 2014: The Jackie, Annie, and Whitney Edition

As I'm thinking about Jackie Gleason (see my previous entry) ...

"Alone Together" by Jackie Gleason from his album "Music for Lovers Only" (1953)

The album features many slow, romantic musical instrumental pieces of the sort that would never be commercially popular in our present time. According to Wikipedia, that album was in the Bill Board Top 10 for 153 weeks -- a record that still stands.


Since it is raining steadily tonight -- and since I love Annie Lennox and this particular song that I have not posted before in my Jukebox Saturday night series nor in its predecessor Friday Night Musical Interlude series -- here it is ...

"Here Comes the Rain Again" by (the) Eurythmics from the duo's Touch album (1983)


And let's end with something old school upbeat though touched with some sadness given that she is gone ...

"Million Dollar Bill" by Whitney Houston from her I Look to You release (2009)


As noted, it's rainy steadily tonight here in D.C. and across the Metro Washington and Baltimore areas, although the radar shows the precipitation should move out soon. Total amounts so far are in the third-of-an-inch range, although it seems as though more fell.

I am going out soon to meet Andrea, Nick, Imara, and Jake at Bier Baron (the old Brickskeller). Or at least I think we're meeting there. Later on, I'll just go to my usual spot(s) of No. 9 and/or Larry's Lounge. I doubt I'll go to Nellie's tonight.

I had a decent gym workout earlier tonight. Tomorrow, I don't really have any plans except dinner with Wendy.

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