Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jukebox Safturday Night Entry for Dec. 20th, 2014: The End-of-Year and Family Fun Edition

"Stay a While" by Jay Soto from his release of same name (2007)

This title track piece is just a nice upbeat smooth jazz instrumental.


I have a bit of time this afternoon on a busy Saturday -- what with a White House group tour this morning and then meeting my mom at Union Station, lunch at Thunder Grill (I really like that place), and then getting her over to the hotel, followed by dinner and other activities tonight -- and so I can post a quick juke box entry. (I have a number of White House pictures that I would like to post but not now.)

"Kissing a Fool" by George Michael from his album Faith (1987)

I couldn't find another YouTube version so I'm stuck with this lyrics sing-a-long one.

Faith spawned multiple number one hits.

This particular lovely ballad of a song reminds me of my brief, ill-fated stint in the fall of 1988 in Seattle as a freshman at the "U. Dub." That's because it was quite popular at the time.

My favorite part of the song is, of course:

"But remember this / Every other kiss / That you ever give Long as we both live / When you need the hand of another man / One you really can surrender with / I will wait for you / Like I always do / There's something there / That can't compare / With any other ..."


Oh, yes, there was another violent episode involving my 73-year old dad's crazy 38-year old (but looks 55-years old) girlfriend down in that trashy seaside trailer park in unincorporated Flagler County, Fla. Shannon is presently in jail and apparently not coming back.

This time, I am going to see what I can do -- probably not much but I'll try, especially since I don't trust my dad to not take her back -- to make sure that the case really is pursed including talking to the local district attorney's office. Of course, this requires that he doesn't go and bail her out.

To be clear, I don't think that will happen this time. Furthermore, the woman who runs the super classy Flagler by the Sea campground / trailer park has apparently banned her from the place.

It takes a lot to get banned from a trailer park in north Florida.


Anyway, let's end with something more Saturday night upbeat ...

"This Is How We Do" by Katy Perry from her Prism release (2013)

Another "spectacle-ular" video by Ms. Perry.


OK, that's all for now. My next update is likely to be late Monday or early Tuesday. Of note, I probably won't have a jukebox Saturday night entry next week as I'll be in Buffalo, in which case this will be the last one of these type of entries until 2015.


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