Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Good Morning. Again.

While I brought the computer home last night, I just didn't get a chance to update this blog. I'll try to do so later tonight after work and the gym.

Last night was rather unusual. I ended up meeting Chris at No. 9 (it was a non-gym night). While there, I saw across the bar this guy I last saw in 2004 and, prior to that, 16 years and a lifetime earlier in Seattle when I lived there for one term at the "U. Dub." We didn't talk, though I just waved. 

Later on, I got to see little Brady. I love that little dog.

On my way home, I stopped at this dark hipster bar -- Bar Pilar -- that was actually kind of pleasant. At least I think it is a hipster bar, though I might not be using that term correctly. That's what about half the folks in there looked like to me. Bar Pilar is located on bustling 14th Street (the "ground zero" corridor of the yuppie boomtown that is D.C. in the mid 2010s).

I never stop at places along 14th Street, so this was unusual.

I sat in the back away from any TV screens directly facing me and had some chianti and this Brussels sprouts and garlic onion stringy with peanuts kind of dish. It was rather good albeit salty. I was clearly the oldest person in that bar. Not to mention the only one with a flip open cell phone.

I just paid my December rent (as my paycheck just arrived electronically overnight) and made my spreadsheet budget for this pay period. It's ugly (it always is on the rent-paying periods), although if I got about $315 in Metrorail reimbursements I am owed since the middle of June, I would be fine. There is talk of it arriving in the "middle of this month" but we'll see. I didn't budget it in.

We're moving from a semi-monthly pay schedule to a biweekly one starting in early January. I need to prepare for that because while the number of pay checks will increase from 24 to 26 per year and come on a more regular cycle -- every other Friday -- each pay check is going to be reduced by approximately 8 percent.

I'm so sick of dealing with money issues. Too bad I'm not Wall-P, a.k.a., Pitty Shil.

Good morning. This is every morning in America.

OK, let's get this day started.


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