Monday, December 29, 2014

Back Home in Snowless D.C. and More Larry's Lounge La Cage Aux Argumentative Folles

I'm back from my totally snowless Buffalo Christmas time vacation with Gary.* I intend to post the pictures in my next entry that I shall attempt to compose tonight.

*I am EXCLUDING the snow flurries that were falling while we were on the jet still on the tarmac at the airport as we were leaving.

That was just God being humorous. Or ironic.

As a brief update, I arrived at National Airport early by 12:30PM (a full half hour early). Gary and I had lunch at Sam & Harry's at the airport and then we rode the Metro to our respective destinations.

Overcast day view of the Potomac River and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge -- not to mention the little Jones Point Lighthouse where is the South Cornerstone of the original District of Columbia -- on final descendent into National Airport, 12:24PM December 29, 2014. Naturally, it was the upriver approach.


I was home by about 2:20PM and thankfully the water was one (it was scheduled to be out for another toilet replacement in my "stack"). After doing some financials with my daily Excel spreadsheet files -- made it to the gym onto the treadmill by 3:27PM.

I then had a full gym workout including a 6.33 mile jog (plus cool-down that bumped it up to 6.55 miles), an hour of light-to-moderate weight-lifting, and a 15 minute swim. I came home, made dinner, and then went to Larry's Lounge, where I met Kristof.

However, it was bartender Dominik's 30th birthday and he arrived with a full entourage plus all the people waiting for him, so the place became quite crowded. I was not included in the bar-round of shots (although I really didn't make my presence known) and instead talked to Dave J.

Dave is one of those people -- like my friends Chester and Nick -- who make me happy whenever I see them even if his plans and stories never quite seem to fruition. I also spoke to this guy Dan who is friends with Dominik who was in the Navy.

View of Old Town Alexandria on final approach into Reagan Washington National Airport, 12:25PM December 29, 2014. Again, alas, it was the upriver approach.


For the remainder of this entry, I would like to recount a Larry's Lounge episode tonight with a guy -- whose name I can never remember, even though I have known him as an acquaintance for years and who seems to like me in some way (he is also a devoted caregiver to an elderly man) -- who decided to challenge, pooh-pooh, interrupt, and in general try to know-it-all dismiss me when I explained why I went to Buffalo to see snow, specifically, why we don't get that much "winter wonderland" of snow here in Washington, D.C., and immediate environs.

Headline of The Washington Post on the blizzard-induced Knickerbocker Theatre roof collapse on January 29, 1922. This storm stands -- and will likely forever stand -- as the greatest single snowfall event (28.0 inches) in D.C. (This "Knickerbocker Storm" is in the pre-National Airport weather record period for Washington, D.C.)


The D.C. snow discussion followed my attempt to explain the details of typical major lake effect snow events in the Buffalo area and the massive snow gradients that can and do there such as last month.

It was immediately obvious he doesn't like snow. But then he tried to dismiss what I was saying.

It ended thusly:

Me: "Typically, when it snows here, it is slushy and near freezing."

Annoying Man: "You're just wrong. It snows here at 15F and stays cold."
Me: "If it is that cold, almost invariably it warms up within a couple days."

Annoying Man: "No, you're wrong. It stays cold here. I've seen it."

Me: "I've lived in D.C. for 22 years. I know the weather here."

Annoying Man: "I've lived here for 55 years."

Me: "And I have a frickin' Masters degree in meteorology, and I know the weather here. And this conversion is over."

Annoying Man: "Why are you getting so upset?"

Me: "Because this conversation is annoying."

What I should have said more specifically is as follows:

"First, because you started talking to me when I didn't really want to talk to you. You specifically asked me how I was. I then tried to engage you in a conversation on something of current interest to me. However, it turns out that you are one of those people who, rather than just listening politely to what someone is saying on an innocuous topic about which you clearly do not know much and, heaven forfend, perhaps learning a little bit, try to tear apart in pointillistic fashion every FRICKIN' idea that someone raises. And you did it in a know-it-all fashion on a topic that, well, actually I DO know  FAR more than you. In short, your style of discussion is to be a belittling jackass -- true, a low key one and not a hothead -- but a jackass nonetheless, and I'm not going to waste my time and energy with you on this topic."

I guess it wouldn't be a night at Larry's Lounge without something annoying.

Since I'm talking about snow ...

... here is the current, very unusual-looking San Diego NWS Forecast Office (SGX) home page showing advisories in effect as of 7:09PM PST December 29, 2014 in response to a forecasted cold-core low pressure system expected to bring coastal and valley rains and accumulating snows to southern California Tuesday into Wednesday.


Oh, yes, Dominik's birthday was a shit-ton better than my 30th birthday way back in November 1999.

OK, now I'm going to try to post those remaining Buffalo pictures. However, it is rather late and I am tired, and tomorrow is a regular work day. (It will be nice to be back in my own bed with my fan whirling away.) OTOH, I know if I don't get it done immediately, I will never post them.  


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