Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wee Hours Mormon Old School House Trance -OR- Kaskade's "Eyes" (ft. Mindy Gledhill)

"Eyes" by Kaskade ft. Mindy Gledhill from his Fire & Ice release (2011)

OK, I was going to post this as part of my next Jukebox Saturday Night Entry, but it's so stuck in my head at this late hour.


Worth pointing out, Kaskade is a House DJ ... not to mention a wholesome, Wonder white-bread Mormon fellow, age 43, named Ryan Raddon. Oh, and he's probably the only House DJ who not only DOESN'T drink coffee (never mind all the other stuff to imbibe) but doesn't even eat green lime Jell-O (oh, wait, that they DO DO).

Hello, Kaskade.

I really like this song and video. It's a terrific combination of trance-like House music -- fast-paced and energetic yet melodic and mournful. I used to love that kind of stuff back in the day at Nation. And the video is kinda wonderful with all those time-lapse city images (plus kaleidoscopic imagery) with just a TOUCH of "Koyaanisqatsi" -- and for that alone, thank you.

As a concluding thought, Kaskade is not the first Mormon who has pleasantly surprised me in this musical manner.

Anyway, as a recap from my previous entry, I really had a swell tonight with Brett. The night was a good one and I'm happy.


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