Monday, November 3, 2014

Some Pictures from my Sunday Rock Creek Trail Bike Ride; Finally Getting Rid of Cable TV; and Bill Maher on Why Wussy Dems Will Lose Again

Dazzling low-angled sunlight in the afternoon middle-fall sky looking southwestward from the 1900 block of New Hampshire Ave. NW toward Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 1:55PM Nov. 2, 2014.

This was at the start of my bicycle ride today. (I rode to Dupont Circle and took the Metro to Shady Grove.)


I am going to try to post a complete entry tomorrow -- including the 20 or so pictures I took today on a lengthy bike ride (with my ever-so-crummy, gear-malfunctioning bicycle) from Shady Grove Metro back to D.C. via Lake Needwood*. I biked about 26 miles today, although it was too much of a rush.

The forest and sky visible through it from near Lake Needwood, Rock Creek Regional park, Derwood, Md., 3:13PM November 2, 2014.

The forest was mostly bare in this part of Montgomery County.


*Actually, Lake Needwood and its Microcystin are in Rock Creek Regional Park in Derwood, Md.

Two quick points: (1) Is it me or is "Needwood" a vaguely dirty-sounding name?? (2) Wasn't "Derwood" one of the derogatory names that Endora called Darrin on Bewitched??)

The start of the Rock Creek Trail by Lake Needwood, Rock Creek Regional Park, Md., Derwood, Md., 3:30PM November 2, 2014.

The sign says 13.5 miles to the DC-Maryland line, but the first wooden mile marker sign said 14 miles, so I'm not sure which it is.


As for my return bike ride, by the time I reached the DC-MD line, it was already getting dark and rather than trying to ride down Beach Drive (even though it was ostensibly closed), I detoured over to 16th Street (on the sidewalk, of course) rather than continue on Beach Drive.

The ride through Columbia Heights was quite difficult as a result of all the slow-moving, sidewalk-sprawling immigrant Hispanic families with their baby strollers and ginormous shopping bags from Target and Ay Dios Mio.

I HAD to ride on 16th Street itself for a bit. I guess that was my problem not theirs. (I'm far more annoyed at the jogging suburban bourgeois idiots listening to music in their ear buds who cannot hear you give warning was you try to pass.)

Also, I couldn't help but think and notice, though, how the votes of NONE of these people will matter one iota in Michael Barone's out-gassing GOP "wave" election this Tuesday -- the 23rd in the past 46 years that will just confirm how awful everything. Such a malodorous GOP gasbag.

Returning to my day, I had a very nice dinner with Nick at Dupont Italian Kitchen. Thereafter, we went to Larry's Lounge, where I met Gary. Nick soon left and I stayed for about 90 minutes.

Regardless, it will be a GREAT DAY and a GREAT WEEK for Wall-P., a.k.a., Pitty Shil, and its corporate oligarchical overclass ass-kissing, power-fawning, money-vacuuming ways.

"Eh. Eh. Eheheh. Power informs money and money begets power."

Look, as long as the telecom oligarchy needs tools to help it ruin everything (which will be basically forever), creating infotainment bubbles while destroying the commonweal, then everything is good in the American Universe. And Wall-P can vacuum up the cash uninterrupted. Not to worry, though: The telecom hydra is doing its "public service" my making sure some broke-ass impoverished Indian Reservation in Arizona has "full access" to digital TV and "broadband spectrum." What bullsh!t.

Meanwhile, the Deep State and its Washington Consensus courtier class with Benji Wittes as mascot won't even notice there is an election in this our broken republic.

That's all for now. I am going to bed.

The low-angled Sun shines through the almost bare trees along the Rock Creek Trail in Montgomery County, Md., 3:37PM November 2, 2014.


Oh, yes, how could I forget: I cancelled my RCN cable television as of tomorrow. I can't justify spending $70 per month for watching over 95 percent of the time just four channels: Me-TV, Antenna TV, Hallmark, and a music channel. For starters, Me-TV and Antenna TV are digital over-the-air with D.C. "stations." More importantly, my mainstay, Hallmark just started 2-1/2 months of continuous Christmas movies and that's just a bridge too far for me to keep cable. To be clear, I have been spending $5/month or $60/year for 2+ years as part of a dumbass "family package" just to get this 1 channel just to watch The Golden Girls.

As a result of this change, my $130 per month cable and internet bill should now be closer to $60 per month just for internet.

The reason I want to keep the internets access with its bajillion megabytes per second speed is for downloading Russian malware and Chinese-spyware from countless X-ray-ted sites and for sending dirty pictures of myself to random gay guys who flick through on their Smartphones.

Actually, it's just so I can keep up this goddamn blog.

By the way, I had a lovely conversation with the RCN sales rep when I made the call a short while ago. She was quite amused, especially when she agreed I should give up cable, to which I said, "You really don't work for Comcast, do you?? You'd be trying to get me fired from my job."


The Rock Creek Trail near mile marker 12 in Montgomery Co., Md., 3:48PM November 2, 2014.


OK, that is all for now. I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow night and then posting an entry. That entry MIGHT just feature the remaining pictures I took on aforementioned bike ride today and possibly the full reposting of this Thomas Frank column (link embedded) that needs to be read:

In the meantime, watch this YouTube clip of Bill Maher's closing "New Rule" segment on his Real Time with Bill Maher show this weekend ... It's why Democrats are such wussy-pussies and why they will lose and LOSE BIG AGAIN.

So frickin' and painfully true.

**This is a new YouTube clip updated as of 11:01PM 11/3/2014 because the first one I posted was "removed by user" for the usual bullsh!t reasons. This one could be removed, too, I suppose.**

OK, that's all for now. G'night, Gentle Reader.


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