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Saturday November Night Recaps, Reviews, and Opinionated Musings

**This entry was posted November 1, 2014.**

1453 W Street NW, Washington, D.C., November 1, 2014

I was walking to the gym when I took this picture.


Saturday night.

I intend to post a jukebox Saturday night entry but I first wanted to post this brief update. (I know I always say a "brief update" and then the entry ends up ridiculously long and almost nobody reads.)

It's a chilly, breezy night this first one in November with occasional gusts of wind and lots of leaf fall -- leaves scraping along sidewalks and streets.

It is also the night that most of the U.S. "falls back" from the annual, now-8-month-long scam of daylight savings time to standard or proper Sun time. (Yes, DST is basically just a commercial racket.)

Honestly, this is my favorite time of year -- the "fall" into winter -- even if D.C. in many years really doesn't get much winter weather. I just like autumn itself.

The Sun in the southern sky as seen from L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 12:56PM October 30, 2014.

I really love that kind of autumn day with the bright southern sky and low-angled sunlight. And there is a sweeping view into Virginia along the Potomac to National Airport and toward Alexandria from L'Enfant Promenade. Really nice.


Weather Update (with Some Political Commentary) ...

Alas, and not unexpectedly, we were screwed out of any rainfall from the active weather pattern I mentioned in this entry as the upper level low did exactly as forecasted and dropped south-southeastward into South Carolina -- rain and higher elevation significant amounts of snow fell in the southern Appalachians -- before swinging offshore and energizing a coastal low off the Outer Banks while another weaker coastal low gave New Jersey and parts of New York a decent rainy day but the rainfall bands never rotated far enough to the southwest to reach D.C. proper.

Now there's a shock.

Maybe all that Early Season Southern Snow is really Jesus telling Americans (or at least the Saved) Something Really Profound ahead of next week's 23rd GOP "wave" election in the past 46 years. Most likely, it's about stopping gay marriage, more tax giveaway for multi-millionaires, billionaires, and assorted corporate oligarchs, and above all else, not helping Those People get access to health insurance.


Here are some radar images from earlier this Saturday ...

The Fort Dix NWS (DIX) radar in enhanced base reflectivity mode at 10:11AM EDT November 1, 2014.

This shows all the rain over New Jersey from an offshore low.


By contrast ...

The Sterling NWS (LWX) radar in enhanced base reflectivity mode right about the same time, specifically, 10:08AM EDT November 1, 2014.


Zooming out ...

A portion of the Lower 48 composite radar mosaic showing parts of the East Coast and Appalachians at 1358UTC (9:58AM EDT) November 1, 2014.

This shows the precipitation from the upper low over South Carolina and from the coastal low over New Jersey into southern New England.

I guess Jesus was "protecting" D.C. like He always does.


And here are the portions of the NWS high resolution surface maps from today focused on parts of the East Coast ...

This is the 15Z (11AM EDT) November 1, 2014 surface map focused on parts of the Eastern U.S. and adjacent ocean waters.

This is the 0Z (8PM EDT) November 2, (1st) 2014 surface map focused on parts of the Eastern U.S. and adjacent ocean waters.


As for no rainfall in D.C., well, I guess God just wants to keep dry the Washington Consensus / Imperial Capital Beltway courtier class as they go from BROOKINGS PANELS to Sally Quinn dinner parties to TV studios to "debate" which country next to bomb to Washington Post editorial board meetings to support more Free Trade deals for China.

I do know that entities as diverse as Nag'Em the Concerned Cheesecake-Eating Suburban Maryland House Hippo; power-and-money-worshipping Wall-P and his Staff; and the Sue Palka-cabra Creature are very well pleased...

Meet Nag'Em, the Concerned Cheesecake-Eating House Hippo in her Suburban Maryland lair with her frog-like hubby and little bald babies.



Here is Wall-P on the day he entered into a legally-binding contractual union with Staff.

The two families were so proud that both were finally married off. Now life was just as it should be. In addition, I think the Dow went up that day, so Wall-P's asset flow was also positive. A happy day all around.

Let's listen to Wall-P's sublime vows, which, yes, he wrote himself:

"Eh. Eh. Eheheheh. Party of the first party agrees to indemnify party of the second party from any and all negative asset flow that would result in a tortious infraction whereby it would be necessary to seek legal injunctive relief from the Court as well as damages resulting from ---"

Oh, Wall-P, when will the world start recognizing you for the genius you are? Your methods are the correct methods. Your ways are the right ways. Your asset flow is more positive than all others. Your client synergies are the most synergistic and the space is the most solutional.


As for the Sue Palka-Cabra Creature, there she is in her lair ...



As for the actual weather, it was mostly cloudy to overcast for most of the day in D.C. before partially clearing by sunset as a gusty northwesterly breezy kicked up. Temperatures were in the low to mid 50s Fahrenheit during the day mostly with an official high of 54F at KDCA and a "trace" of rainfall. In Baltimore, there was some measurable rainfall including 0.11" at KBWI and 0.08" at KDMH. Both spots reached 52F for a high. KIAD reached 50F with no rainfall.

Temperatures tonight should bottom out around 41F in D.C. Tomorrow will be rather breezy as the main coastal low pulls a way. It will also be on the cold side with highs only around 50F and low Monday morning even at KDCA near freezing (though I doubt the airport itself will actually reach 32F).

Both KBWI and KIAD should reach or even go a bit below freezing (the low for KIAD is forecasted about 28F).

Cloudy, gloomy, cool fall day from the 2000 block of New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 2:49PM November 1, 2014.

This is right outside my apartment building. I was walking to the gym when I took this picture.


My day involved a number of chores and things I needed to do including going the gym, getting a haircut, and doing my laundry. Obviously, I did not go on that Clarendon bar crawl that I mentioned in my previous entry.

The view looking north from L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 12:55PM October 30, 2014.


I had a decent workout although the jogging part was a bit interrupted as I couldn't do it at first and then I returned to it after an hour of light-to-moderate weightlifting, and I didn't get in the usual full hour jog but instead 53 minutes in disjointed segments. I also went briefly in the steam room (I can only stay in there for a few minutes) and then into the swimming pool.

I came home and immediately went back out to the Hair Cuttery to get a haircut. Bea cut my hair tonight. I quite like her. I actually went tonight instead of last night because I know on Friday both she and Brittany work, and I simply cannot choose between them as I like them both.

I then went grocery shopping at the 17th Street Safeway and came home and I'm doing two loads of laundry. I had some dinner but I'm unsure whether to make more or to go out and get something to eat.

1940 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 6:18PM November 1, 2014.


Last night, I first briefly went to a small house party on Swann Street that was actually part of the tail end of a Halloween night block party. The house is shared by three gay guys, one of whom is a Larry's Lounge bartender. I wasn't actually invited by any of them but instead by Gary, who was of course invited. Kristof even briefly showed up. (I am so not on anyone's invite list.)

Gary soon took off, Andrea had a change of plans, and so I came back home, changed my clothes, and went back out to No. 9, where I had a solo OK time. The place was crowded with most guys in Halloween costumes. I actually left by about 120AM and was in bed by 2AM. I slept for about 10-1/2 hours.

Dusk on a blustery night near the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and R Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:26PM November 1, 2014.


To be clear, I did NOT dress up for Halloween. I don't "do" costumes. I know my limitations and they involve anything with expositional talent including singing, dancing, acting, improvising, entertaining, and otherwise creating illusions. Dressing up in Halloween costumes falls in that laundry list.

Anyway, as for tonight, I'm not really sure. Just the usual place. I'll ride my bicycle tonight. As noted, it is "fall back" time tonight and some places will remain open the "extra" hour.

I actually want to take a bike ride tomorrow, but I need to start at a reasonable time as it will get dark quite early -- and so so henceforth for the next several months. I might meet up with Nick for dinner.

OK, that's all.

I intend to post a jukebox Saturday night entry.


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