Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Intermodal AND Interstellar Transportation (Late Night Midweek Edition)

I'm home now.

I had an awful and vituperative post-election entry planned (the election was a catastrophe, OF COURSE) about the HIDEOUSNESS and VICIOUSNESS of the most recent "GOP Wave" election and all the UGLINESS it says about this DUMBASS midterm voters and what Mitch McConnell will now do. However, rather than that, I would just like to have an entry by Jonathan Chait, who explains what it means.

HINT: VOTE FOR HILLARY or else you get a nightmare scenario of endless GOP horror. She was the ONLY Democratic winner yesterday. Anything else anyone says is nonsense. Full stop. Yes, I want an Elizabeth Warren - Bernie Sanders ticket too, but that's a 48-state electoral rout.

Beyond that, there are TWO things I would like to say right now (well, three, really) ...

First, I had an absolutely delightful night tonight with Brett -- a wonderful and awesome person -- with whom I had dinner. We went to Logan Tavern and had a terrific time.

Secondly, I am SOOOOOOOOOO into seeing this movie "Interstellar". Wow.

Third ... well, I sorta forgot the whole point of a third point ... But having said that, I am ready to sign off now.



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