Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Mysterious High-Altitude Explosion Above Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, and a Little Drone's Bird's-Eye View of Snowy West Seneca, N.Y.

WTF was that??

See below for discussion of this mysterious high-altitude explosion over Siberia's Sverdlovsk region last Friday evening local time.


This entry is to note the mysterious massive burst of light (explosion) over a remote Ural Mountains region of Siberia that occurred last Friday evening local time. It occurred near / above the town of Rezh in the Ural Mountains / Sverdlovsk Oblast of the Ural Federal District (about 930 miles east of Moscow) at 1839 local (YEKT) time (8:39AM EST) on Friday, Nov. 14, 2014.

The flash lasted for about 10 seconds and has been aptly described as "sun-like" although it was overcast in the region so it wasn't possible to see the actual light source. It is pictured above in a video still from a car's dash cam and in a series of four video stills from that same dash cam. (The dash cam footage itself is embedded below as a YouTube clip.)

A Twitter tweet showing a series of four images from aforementioned car dash cam showing the mysterious explosion. This is from the RT Twitter feed here.


No one knows it is a high-altitude meteor detonating or a rocket blowing up or something else. And, no, it couldn't have been a high-altitude nuclear blast -- that's just too far-fetched and news of something like that simply could not be suppressed. Besides, there would have been an EMP and residual radiation detected all over the place.

Here is the Yahoo News article that reposts the original Christian Science Monitor article (link embedded): Mysterious burst of light over Russia leaves scientists, locals guessing.

The CSM article contains links to two YouTube clips of the event that I have embedded in this entry. The first is from a dash-cam on a car being driven along some lonely stretch of nighttime highway truly in the Middle of No-Where. The second is from a Smartphone and some of the language has been bleeped out by the E1-Ru news outfit because, presumably, the folks were using profanity. (No, I'm not linking to anything with ".ru" in the address.)

Here is a 27-second YouTube clip showing the aforementioned car dash-cam view of the explosion.


Here is a 36-second YouTube clip showing a Smartphone video of the explosion. There is a reddish glow in the sky that precedes the main flash -- and, in fact, it is that reddish glow that first attracts the attention of the person (likely a young man and his companions) and is why he is filming in that direction.

Mike -- Can you tell me what those people are saying??


As for the dash-cam, yes, we all learned about their ubiquity in Russia during the Chelyabinsk meteor / superbolide event as a result of all contrived accidents that are extortion attempts and the local police are, at best, wholly indifferent, at worst, in on the scam. (They're living the libertarian dream over there, aren't they??)

Oh, yes, one other question: What is it about Siberia and strange things in or crashing down from the sky?? I mean, I know Siberia is an absolutely GARGANTUAN place, but really.

From mysterious flashes filmed in the sky to little drones filming from the sky ...

Video still of an aerial drone footage above West Seneca, N.Y., on Nov. 19, 2014 following a roughly 5 foot lake effect blizzard the previous day.


Oh, and while I am posting things filmed in sky, or in this case, from the sky, there is an interesting follow-through that I would like to post to my previous entry on the massive Buffalo area lake effect snow event -- an entry that I significantly expanded tonight (thus not doing what I said, which was to NOT update the blog until Friday night). I found out about it in a CWG entry showing a video taken by a drone (yes, a drone) of one of the more deeply snow-buried communities, West Seneca, N.Y.

The drone apparently belongs to James Grimaldi of West Seneca, N.Y., and he made what turned out to be two YouTube clips that are embedded below. (The video in the CWG entry is a single condensed version of both videos and features lovely light jazz music. However, I cannot embed that one.)

Day 1 ...

Here is a full 7-minute YouTube clip featuring a fly-about the residential neighborhood during the snow blitz on Tuesday.


Day 2 ...

Above is a nearly 9-minute YouTube clip featuring another fly-about of his little drone over the same neighborhood on Wednesday after the snow had ended.


Uh, oh ... Benji Wittes heard the word drones and is all excited...


No, Benji, this is drone doesn't also launch missiles. It's just basically a glorified model airplane with a good camera.


Sorry, Benji, I can't help you or your Washington Consensus on that one. Maybe Uncle Fred can help.


And with that, I shall sign off. My next update really and truly won't be until at least Friday night or Saturday.


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