Friday, November 14, 2014

A Brief Version of My Intended Entry: Recapping Autumnal America's Fall Follies

The Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Va., 6:05PM Nov. 11, 2014.

(Yes, that's Gary's mom, but, no, that's not Gary. The three of us had just gone to dinner at the nearby Olive Garden. Yes, the Olive Garden. It was fine.)


Well, I had planned to post an entry last night that included a series of pictures -- from my Nov. 2nd bike ride and trek with Gary out to Fairfax. In the end, though, I was much too tired after a hectic week that included the four post-work gym visits since last Thursday (each involving 6 mile jogs; weightlifting; and (on Wednesday, in lieu of a good weightlift, a solid half-hour swim); an extremely busy and long work day yesterday (I stayed until 8PM); and from the two drinks at a brief No. 9 solo happy hour after work that simply wiped me out.

In the end, I just watched on YouTube this hilarious episode of Frasier: "Voyage of the Damned."

Here is the YouTube clip of the whole episode (until Wall-P and his ilk have it removed).


I had also wanted to post some remaining post-election disaster political commentary including this great one by Andrea O'Hehir (link embedded): Democracy on the critical list: How do we escape this toxic political cycle? and also this one by Jim Newell (link embedded): How to save the Democratic Party: Path to nirvana requires total economic revamp.

Fall day view along Military Road in upper Northwest, Washington, D.C., 2:40PM Nov. 11, 2014.


I also wanted to post info on other news and events such as a sudden flurry of executive-only useful action by Obama, now liberated from the soul-crushing electoral cycle, on climate change, immigration, and internet "neutrality" that are infuriating the GOP and one of which -- immigration -- is likely to lead to a farcical House impeachment attempt since Republicans can't help themselves. I mean, if "Dr. Chuckles" is calling for it, then it will likely happen. Unfortunately, all these actions are reversible by the next crazy Republican president.

C'mon! Let's get this GOP impeachment freak show started!


Oh, and also I wanted to discuss my own personal Schadenfreude at news of the deserved (and hardly surprising) budget catastrophe for the idiot jackass voters of Kansas less than two weeks after they expanded their wall-to-wall GOP supermajority state government. It's likely to be much worse than the current numbers show.

"And I really want to especially thank the ass-hat,  brain-dead stupid voters of Kansas for allowing me to destroy their beloved Sunflower State for the sake of the Koch Brothers and shadowy billionaires everywhere, er, I mean, low-taxes and freedom. I keep sellin' and you keep buyin' that bullshit. But, hey, at least we don't have fag marriage. Oh, wait."


Then there is the matter of how the Supreme Court under its de facto leader, the cackling, demonic little half-mushroom / half-human Antonin "I dabble in it" Scalia will with the GOP stooge bloc vote -- provided it can get Chief Justice Roberts to concur -- destroy Obamacare in about 3 dozen states due what amounts to a typo in the law.

This horseshit "strict constructionism" -- read: rightwing judicial activism -- will destroy Obama's signature achievement -- and in the process rob health insurance for millions of Americans, very likely causing many premature deaths. The second point is just gravy for Scalia, who I really believe is just a garden-variety sociopath.

Linda Greenhouse is beside herself. Of the fact that the Court opted (through the intercession of four justices and you can easily guess who they were) to hear the profoundly frivolous King v. Burwell case, she wrote the above-linked lament. She ends it as follows:

"Its arrival on the Supreme Court's docket is also profoundly depressing. In decades of court-watching, I have struggled -- sometimes it has seemed against all odds -- to maintain the belief that the Supreme Court really is a court and not just a collection of politicians in robes. This past week, I’ve found myself struggling against the impulse to say two words: I surrender."

But at this point, I can only post this brief entry referencing them and I am signing off now. I might try to update the blog tonight although, more likely, it might not be until tomorrow night after my planned gym visit.


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