Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some Exasperated Political Commentary Mixed With My Sunday Bike Ride Pictures -OR- West by Northwest With the Trail

**This entry was posted on September 11, 2014.**

The Montauk Point Light in the morning hours of December 10, 2005. 

I was thinking about Montauk Point -- where I have never actually been -- because it isn't that far from Calverton National Cemetery where Gary's dad is to be interred on Friday (even though he lived much closer "in" on Long Island in Lynbrook). Gary is heading there later this morning (on an inauspicious national anniversary).


This entry features some political commentary. Nearly all the pictures below (save, of course, for the Wall-E / Wall-P one) were taken on my Sunday bike ride on the Capital Crescent Trail to Bethesda. I have already posted a few of them in previous entries.

A cerulean blue sky fleeced with middle and high level clouds as seen from 20th St. and New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 1:48PM September 7, 2014.


I'm home on this Wednesday night. I was watching a couple funny episodes of the Hallmark show The Middle and now I'm watching reruns of The Golden Girls. Earlier tonight, I went to the gym -- but not my usual Anthony Bowen YMCA for a full multi-part workout but instead to the National Capital YMCA where I went swimming.

The 1200 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 1:49PM September 7, 2014.


I also nixed the idea of getting a drink after work. I'm REALLY trying to save money this particularly rough pay period (the next one SHOULD be much better). As it is, a typical day is that I can't step outside without spending a bare minimum of $30 by the time I get home (Metro fare, lunch, and groceries). Oftentimes, it is nearly double that (and that's just on a regular weekday, never mind the weekend and "going out").  

I realize that Wall-P, a.k.a., Pitty Shil, poops out a hundred $20 bills before lunch.

"Eh. Eh. Eheheh. This proves yet again my superiority --"

"Ohhh, shut up, you thimbleful of corporate stooly stoogery."


The dazzling Sun in the afternoon blue sky as seen near the Watergate Complex, Washington, D.C., 1:56PM September 7, 2014.


I was going to write a longer, political-themed entry because I'm so disgusted with the current political climate, but it's sort of pointless.

For starters, we know, we know ... Dems support plunging and Dems in disarray as Obama collapses politically.

Every time two Red State crazy Republicans are elected, it's time to shred the social safety net, give billionaires another trillion dollar tax giveaway, and put fecal matter and toxic sludge in the drinking water 'cuz that's where the American "center" is, or maybe it's what Jesus and the Washington Consensus would do.

A view along the Potomac River with Georgetown in the distance, Washington, D.C., 1:58PM September 7, 2014.


Never mind the immoral levels of gerrymandering, the mal-apportionment of political power against progressives, endless Southern neo-Confederate radicalism through the vehicle of today's GOP, the (to quote the great Paul Krugman) "Views Differ on Shape of Earth" corporate whore-media, the socially destructive nature of American capitalism and its for-profit entertainment / information bubbles run by mega-billion corporate entities in the awful Matrix-like early 21st Century world of shitty internet and cable in the early 21st Century, the oligarchical economy, and on and on and on ...

Yachts docked along the small boardwalk at the Washington Harbour, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 2:02PM Sept. 7, 2014.


While none of what I wrote above is particularly new and in fact, has been a staple of the American political and society as a whole for a number of years now and at present in 2014 (just like in 2010 and in an early incarnation in 1994), it is currently being highly exacerbated by an impending midterm election.

It centers on a hapless and flailing president in a slow motion political collapse, a cult-like political opposition based on Southern nullification and Jacksonian idiocy and insanity, and a nihilistic, horserace-crazed political media obsessing on how a particularly favorable alignment for the frickin' GOP. While the current alignment is not quite on par with 2010, it is large enough to flip the worthless Senate and turn it ALMOST as crazy as the gerrymandered House.

A bicycle along the Potomac River on the Capital Crescent Trail, Washington, D.C., 2:10PM September 7, 2014.


The most annoying part is how the whore political media (think Chris Cillizza and that little Ron Fournier troll) will go on and on for weeks and months (indeed, already are) about how this foreordained but basically irrelevant outcome into some "game changer" whereby we're on the cusp (as ever) of a century-long GOP supermajority.

A picture taken while biking on the Capital Crescent Trail, Washington, D.C., 2:11PM September 7, 2014. I've only gone from D.C. to Maryland on one or two other occasions over the past 15 years. Invariably, it is the other way.


In truth, the practical outcome is unchanged as the same Fred Hiatt Washington Consensus crowd / Beltway elite doing the neo-conservative warmongering and neo-liberal "free trade" economic bidding of their overclass overlords of weirdly self-destructive Late Stage Empire.

It's mind numbing, hopeless, and despairing.

The Dalecarlia Tunnel along the Capital Crescent Trail, Montgomery County, Md., 2:28PM September 7, 2014.

It was very obvious just by looking at the ground that it had deluged in Montgomery County the previous day.


But that's actually the intention of every GOP operative and the larger Vast Rightwing Conspiracy media/entertainment machine: Create a sense of juggernaut and historic inevitability.

Nevertheless, I guess I really do feel mind benumbed, hopeless, and in despair over the whole obscene situation. The only solution is just to tune out and focus on other things -- especially since any one particular "permanent" political configuration in this country quickly collapses of its own farcical nature.

A couple in Bethesda, Md., 2:49PM September 7, 2014.

Of note, LP and I skipped Rock Bottom -- not only was there a frickin' Red Skins game on, there was also a trivia contest underway in the restaurant. We ended up going to Pizzeria da Marco. I then biked back via the Georgetown Branch Trail and Silver Spring and south down (along) 16th Street (on the sidewalk).


In any event, it is far better to talk about things that have real meaning and value -- whether in our own shitty time or other times. At the very least, to replace the shitty two-dimensional toxic reality of our corporate media world with something more literary, poetic, and meaningful.

To that end, I intend to post a much more pleasant entry tomorrow night around this time.

Specifically, I am thinking of posting an excerpt or two of the wonderful book I am now reading. It is my friend Wendy's copy of Beryl Markham's 1942 memoir West With the Night about her life as a young female bush pilot in British East Africa (Kenya) in the 1920s and 1930s.


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