Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Please Don't Do It, Scotland (Though I Think You Just Might) ...

A copy of the Articles (Acts) of Union that created what became (eventually) the present-day United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1706 (and, later, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and, later still, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
The Acts of Union refer to a pair of laws -- one passed by the Parliament of England and the other by the Parliament of Scotland -- to unify England and Scotland. The subsequent treaty in 1707 called the Treaty of Union that formally established the unified kingdom.


I was going to post an entry tonight, specially, a few links to comments about what a profoundly bad idea it is for Scotland to break away from the United Kingdom -- thus ending their 307 year union -- and why "Westminster" screwed up so badly in seeing this coming, not to mention some of the odd unintended consequences including the possible fate / redesign of the Union Jack flag.

(As an aside, the comments accompanying the UK Guardian articles are actually worth reading rather than the usual shrieking, vulgar, no-nothing and/or incoherent garbage that follows American news site articles. Now if we could just get the Old Confederacy and/or Texas to vote on such a separatist referendum ....)

But at this point, I just need to go to sleep. I intend to update the blog tomorrow night.

-- Regulus

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