Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Update on that Barracuda Matter and My Computer Contingency Plan

So at this point, the super-restrictive Barracuda update that I could have totally done without is in fact permanent in terms of closed off sites. However, it turns out that the automatic update was botched -- something about it not synching with this or that Windows platform -- and as a result, the IT person needs to reinstall that update. This means that there is a very real possibility in the second, corrected update that I will also lose the ability to access Blogger and update this blog.

In that case, I will just shell out the money on my Oct. 25th paycheck for my own new PC -- trying to keep the cost under $300, if possible. Of course, what that would mean little if any blogging for the month of October unless and until I can find other computers to use during that time.

Above: An image I have always really loved: Sunrise on the distant shore line of the South China Sea in Vietnam. So familiar and wonderful -- and yet truly a different world on the other side of Planet Earth.


While this new personal computer would restore my internet freedom, I am also sure it will also be a piece of Chinese junk (yes, pun intended) with the usual prearranged 18-month life expectancy and that is instantly infected with all kinds of internet garbage.

In that way, it will be just like my previous two including the one that Wall-P pretended to buy for me as a present but actually expensed to his corporate law firm expense account (and probably made money off it). The second one was under the control of the Hysterical One and I was glad to be rid of it.

The former was quite literally my lifeline during the worst days of 1099 independent contractor hell at the Japanese Turkey Farm in Bethesda.

"Eh. Eh. Eheheh. All value in the Universe is measured by the extent to which asset flow is positive. Therefore, anything that fails to make money is not valuable. Eh. Eheheh."

Anyway, that's my plan, and I will know tomorrow if this is indeed what is going to happen.

As for my Monday, it was OK. I had an uneventful but productive day at work and also a good 3-part gym workout tonight.

The weather was mostly cloudy to overcast, seasonably mild, (around 74F) and a bit humid. There were whole batches of precipitation that naturally missed the D.C. area this worthless weather time of the year while the Eastern Shore and New Jersey got showers and light rain. Of course.

OK, I am going to try to post one more entry tonight.


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