Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Stormy Saturday Night in September (UPDATED)

**This entry was posted on September 6, 2014.**

This was a picture taken by Richard Barnhill of a series of cloud-to-ground lighting bolts from thunderstorms near Washington, D.C., on Tuesday night (Sept. 2, 2014) and posted in this CWG entry the following day. The actual Flickr page states that the storms were south of D.C. I think the pointy-topped building in the foreground is the National Building Museum.


There's one heck of a drenching thunderstorm complex sweeping across parts of the District of Columbia (including where I live on the Shaw / Dupont Circle boundary) and into suburban Maryland.

The Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in composite mode at 6:59PM EDT September 6, 2014.


So far, though, (as of 7:40PM), EVERY rain drop has missed the rain bucket at Reagan Washington National Airport climate station (KDCA), where the usual "TRACE" will probably be reported after all is said and done and the cold front sweeps* through and it dries out.

*The front is still way back in Pennsylvania at this hour. I'm so glad it will finally get cooler -- it's been too frickin' hot the past week.

That "TRACE" will represent some big victory for, if not the Sterling LWX forecast office crew, then their beloved Sue Palka since "proves" something -- not sure what. As it is, KBWI should have a drenching.

UPDATED 11:45AM 9/7/2014: Yesterday's rainfall totals:
KDCA: 0.10"
KBWI: 0.65"
KIAD: 0.01"
KDMH: 0.01"

To be clear, places in Montgomery County had 2 to 3 inches of rain. Even here in the District where I live, we had at least a 1/2 inch, maybe more.

End of update.


There she is ...


I've said it before and will say it again -- and just keep on saying it: KDCA is a worthless and dumbass spot for D.C.'s climate station and always will be.

The KDCA terminal Doppler weather radar (TDWR) at 7:31PM September 6, 2014. I tried to denote in Paint the flyspeck spot that is the KDCA climate station but couldn't do it.


The Capital Weather Gang has an entry on the storms passing through and it includes some good pictures of the clouds. My flip-open cellphone camera couldn't take a picture to save it's life.

Making it extra weird -- even surreal -- is there is some protest going on blocking the busy intersection of U and 16th Streets with a police presence and periodic roars going up from the crowd. I can see it from my apartment but I can't tell what is the cause. (It's probably a protest in support of free-range Palestinians seeking to free Mumia while combating climate change by nixing the use of Monsanto's GMOs in feedstock for methane-outgassing cows hopped up on antibiotics destined to end up McDonald's Big Macs for Supersized Red State folks. Conversely, just think of the corporate-whoring possibilities for the Washington Consensus crowd.)

OK, they're marching away east on U Street. The stormy deluge seemed only to energize the crowd.

As for me, I'm back from a decent gym workout. Tonight, I am supposed to meet Nick at Chadwicks in Georgetown. I'm going to bike over there, assuming the rain has slackened by then. As for tomorrow, I am supposed to meet LP at Rock Bottom in Bethesda, where I will take my bike (assuming it doesn't get stolen or a flat tire tonight).

UPDATED 11:45AM 9/7/2014: So it turns out that Chadwicks in Georgetown no longer exists.

The place has instead been taken over by Mr. Smiths, which just recently closed in its old location on M Street. Apparently, this Chadwicks is not reopening elsewhere. The only one left is in Old Town Alexandria (the one in Friendship Heights is now called Chads and has a different management). It didn't even realize it until I was already seated at the bar.

End of update.

I'm going to try to post a jukebox Saturday night entry.

Oh, God, there coming back as I post this. The rain has ended, though.


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