Friday, August 22, 2014

Off to the Jersey Shore ... (Yes, You Can Go Back)

So I'm heading out for my annual Jersey shore summer vacation, a sort of pilgrimage or Atlantic seaside hajj, if you will ...

Again, this year, it is with Gary, LP, and Wendy and again it is to "the Wildwoods" with our hotel technically just inside the Wildwood Crest border. This year, we are at (I think) Adventurer Oceanfront Inn. This is a larger and less kitschy one than the others we've patronized (the Jolly Roger and the Caribbean). We are also heading to Rehoboth Beach, Del., for a brief stop followed by a Cape May - Lewes ferry ride to Cape May and thence to nearby Wildwood Crest.

At this point, the weather seems marginal for a seashore beach week -- perhaps it will be sunny Sunday and Monday. It is not going to be particularly warm.

No, not this Jersey Shore.

Yes, there is a sizable element of that Guido culture, but it's more than that. And FWIW, the Guido culture isn't the worst thing in the world. It's a lot better than much of the soul-draining cultural crap that is the staple of Washington, D.C.


More importantly than that, though, it is just a chance to be back in my home state of New Jersey at the Jersey shore where I grew up. OK, I didn't grow up anywhere near South Jersey / Cape May County -- I was in Long Branch and Sea Bright. But it's still a seashore weekend nonetheless and a chance to get the hell out of the D.C. Bubble. (Oh, and as I've mentioned in a previous entry, there are not many folks from D.C. in that area -- the crowd is mostly a New Jersey / Philadelphia one. All the better.)

Barring the presence of a computer with internet access, I will not be updating this blog until I return late Tuesday, and quite possibly Wednesday. While I intend to post pictures I take, I realize I never did have a full, dedicated entry of the pictures I took last year.

A picture of the gentle summer surf of the Atlantic Ocean from Wildwood Crest, N.J., taken just about two years ago to the day.


So possibly not until the middle of next week ...


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