Friday, August 15, 2014

All Ears and Worry Over Potential Job Loss -OR- Prelude to Potential Non-Labor Days

Giant leaves of what I assume is a type of greenish-yellow elephant ear plant (genus Colocasia) and -- for comparison -- my hand in the Enid Haupt Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 7:31PM August 14, 2014.


I just want to post this entry and get it out of the way.

So at this point, my work situation is outright dire. I am probably going to be laid off -- or rather, rendered "hourly, as needed" for some unspecified time, quite possibly permanently -- at some point shortly after Labor Day.

There is just no work for me to do, and although THE key person -- the top boss on the entire ginormous contract that we have with a certain Federal agency -- is well aware of my situation and trying to help (I just spoke to her and I genuinely believe that is the case), I don't know that this job can be salvaged.

No matter what, my Jersey shore vacation is still on.

The gentle summer surf in Wildwood Crest, N.J., 2:06PM August 26, 2013.


This situation is causing me a great deal of stress. I spoke to my dad, and while he means well, he's kind of useless ("put your resume on the internet..."). I also pretty much hung up on him when he started talking about the usual crap insanity that is his life down there in that beachside Flagler-by-the-Sea beach trailer park in, yes, unincorporated Flagler County, Florida.

It's not that he never has anything useful or helpful to say -- he is, in fact, extremely intelligent, just semi-nutty and living in a sort of quasi-alternate reality down there. As an update, I should also note that he called back as I was composing this entry and we talked for nearly an hour.

My dad's trailer (circled in green) down there in unincorporated Flagler County along A1A as seen in Google aerial map. (The larger structure at the far right of the middle row of trailers is a bar called the Iron Boot.) I've never actually been to this trailer park.


You see, some silly dream-world folks have their happy, wealthy place on the Florida Atlantic coastline in West Palm Beach. In my case, however, it's unincorporated Flagler County in a place where so much social detritus and wreckage -- having flaked down the Eastern Seaboard -- accumulate like some freak Florida snowfall.

A pathway in the Enid Haupt Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 7:29PM August 14, 2014.


I spoke to my mom and she was more helpful -- and understands just how shitty everything is nowadays. The dinner I ate -- about a quarter (or less) of a rotisserie chicken -- from Safeway isn't sitting too well.

Palm fronds on the evening blue sky above the Enid Haupt Garden, Smithsonian Institution, 7:30PM August 14, 2014.

The larger palm was in a giant planter and there was a sign in it that said "Triangle palm" (Dypsis decaryi).


Speaking of that Corcoran Street Safeway -- although it really fronts onto 17th Street and is at Ground Zero of the D.C. Gay Ghetto -- there is a sort of little homeless encampment establishing itself there, population 3 or 4. It stands in stark contrast to the yuppified wealth of the what was "historically" the gayborhood.

No doubt the urban liberal white do-gooders are quite happy about that.

Perhaps I can move in there little encampment when I'm homeless.

Sunset evening sky as seen from my apartment, Washington, D.C., 7:18PM August 15, 2014.


As for tomorrow, I am actually supposed to visit my mother. I'm meeting her and Ray at Odenton (where I am going via a weekend MARC Penn Line) and then going to a Bowie Baysox game before spending the night in their trailer in Millersville in Anny Runnell Kenny. I'll return on Sunday.

As for tonight, I'm not really sure what to do -- No. 9 and/or LL, although at this point. Oh, yes, it looks as though my Brady-sitting might be off because Chris H. might have found a new job that takes priority.

The corner yard of the house at 17th and S Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 5:24PM August 8, 2014.


Lastly, before I go, I just wanted to post a link to this excellent Glenn Greenwald piece on his website about the widespread and unchecked militarization of the American local police forces thanks to all the post-9/11 money and military-grade weapons now available.

This debate has started -- and it doesn't fit neatly into the soul-draining Manichean Red/Blue divide on which the for-profit media/entertainment complex thrives -- because of the shocking images of what amount to a military-grade police assault on the mostly black and mostly poor citizens of Ferguson, Missouri as a result of the protests / riots following the killing by a police officer of an 18-year old black man named Michael Brown.

What say you, Benji Wittes?

"Drones! Yap! Yap! Yap! Drones! Yap! Yap! Yap! Yay! More drones!"


OK, that's all for now.


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