Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Washington Consensus Summer Place -OR- The Dog Days of 2014

Paul Gauguin's "When will you marry?" (in Tahitian "Nafea faa ipoipo?") painting, 1892

It's hard to find a Gauguin painting that DOESN'T feature one or more topless Tahitian women.


There isn't really much I want to say tonight.

I went to the gym after work but really wasn't feeling it. Indeed, I just couldn't do the damn hour-long jog so instead I spent 53 minutes on the elliptical machine before doing so weight-lifting. I skipped the pool outright.

I'm just worn out on the gym and just everything right now. My job situation remains uncertain. At this point, I just want it to be my Jersey shore summer vacation (now less than 2 weeks away).

Weather-wise, there are some light showers in the area tonight. Meh. It's supposed to rain more tomorrow. I hope so.

Paul Krugman had a good blog entry citing a Washington Monthly "Political Animal" blog entry by D.R. Tucker noting the good progress so far of the defamation lawsuit by climate scientist Michael E. Mann (pictured left) against the atavistic character assassins at National Review, in this case, Mark Steyn.

As for National Review (and its National Review Online site), one of its writers had another big racial eruption. They just can't help themselves.

Map showing likely Senate make up after 2014 midterm elections. Repugs will likely pick up 7 seats to hold a 52 to 48 balance in the chamber.


Changing topics, yes, we know, we know -- the GOP is going to sweep to power in the Senate and take over a bunch of additional state houses (increasing their current numerical majority) because only angry white Teabaggers in their thinly-populated, geographically far-flung parts of the country vote in midterm elections while liberals and/or non-whites are holed up in their gerrymandered and under-represented urban enclaves. As Josh Marshall once observed, today's Republican Party is basically voter-proof. (He was talking about the House but it sort of applies to the Senators from any Red State as well.)

I love America's sclerotic and ridiculous 19th Century political system AND its robber baron oligarchical capitalism celebrated by the Washington Consensus crowd. As for Obama, at this point, I suspect he's just running out the clock on his presidency during this awful time.

Left: The man who is still REALLY U.S. president 180 years after the fact.

Returning to Michael Mann's TOTALLY APPROPRIATE lawsuit against Steyn and NRO -- and it followed a campaign of attempted personal destruction and violent rhetoric that culminated ...

... in failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken "Coochie Coochie" Cuccinelli's real abuse of power in that failed legal witch hunt against Mann in his position as state Attorney General -- maybe Ken Starr can swing to NR's/Steyn's defense.

Starr's role in helping Graham beat back a libel case was just one of the reasons why The WaHoPo was so rabidly pro-Ken Starr during the 1990s Clinton Wars culminating in the ridiculous and self-defeating impeachment effort. (Funny how Howie "Mistah" Kurtz, then of The WaHoPo, didn't see that as a "conflict of interest.")

And I'm sure its then-legal affairs editorial writer / now Brookings special-legal needs "scholar" and man-child of the Washington Consensus, the Great Benjamin "Benji" Wittes is available. That is, when he's not busy yapping about the need to drone everybody.

Oh, Benji. You ARE the special legal needs one of the Washington Consensus, itself the courtier class of the oligarchical overclass and its post-9/11 M/I/S complex. And I'm sorry that Glenn Greenwald said all those MEAN things about you. THAT MEANIE!

"DRONES! Yap! Yap! DRONES! Yap! Yap! Yap! MORE DRONES! Oh, and MONICA'S DRESS! Yap! Yap!"


Greenwald must be so upset. Indeed, his whole life has been so damaged by this "banishment" from this or that BROOKINGS PANEL discussion sponsored by this or that corporate entity and/or random rightwing billionaire.

Yes, Glenn looks pretty upset that BENJI WITTES won't talk to him.


Now little Wall-P would be is ENDLESSLY impressed by the Washington Consensus crowd because it's where -- by its binary way of thinking -- all power and money reside, which makes it NECESSARILY AND THEREFORE the most ethical and moral system.

"Eh. Eh. Eheheh. Yet again, my methods have been proven to be the correct methods. My financial abilities are the most astute. I AM the smart money. Now I have to file this legal brief for my corporate paymaster and join a 7-hour client call. Eh. Eh. I'm a great genius."

That aside, if you want to see what is meant by the circle jerk nature of the Washington Consensus crowd and its absurdly inflated self-importance, just listen to the kind of conversations that happen between members of the media courtier class when talking about the possible upcoming shakeup on NBC's unwatchable Meet the Whore whereby the awful David Gregory will be replaced by the awful Chuck Todd.

Best quote from that linked Simon Maloy piece:

Here's the thing: "Meet the Press" already has a "loyal following among newsmakers and political junkies." The show is a pageant of Beltway insiderism in which the least-credible, least-respected talking heads in the industry sit on pundit panels and blurp up conventional wisdom. "Insider cred" is the reason Gregory hung on as long as he did – he's a member of the D.C. establishment and was able to survive a years-long string of failures out of deference to his own status. If that's what "insider cred" brings to the equation, then it's a problem to be solved, not a goal to be achieved.


Speaking of little Wall-P, I need to kick start my planned "Wall P and Me Chronicles" blog feature. The planned first episode features me, Wall-P, and my internet scam / money grab* that runs afoul of Wall-P and upsets Staff (pictured above on her wedding day when she knew her triumph was TOTAL, her victory COMPLETE, which is why she just wants "honor" now.) However, I'll save that for another entry.

*The question that goes unasked in this: "Is there anything else on the internet, pornographic or otherwise, that ISN'T a money grab?"

As for entries, I probably won't be posting one tomorrow night as I am not planning on taking the computer home.


View from my 5th floor apartment window near sunset on a pleasant, not-hot/not-disgustingly humid summer evening, Washington, D.C., 6:53PM Aug. 9, 2014.

This summer has been, overall, quite pleasant and not awful, esp. by the standards of the summers of 2010 and 2011. And we are well into the "dog days" of summer -- so this is good because soon we start to run out the clock on the summer season.


OK, that's all for now. My next planned update won't be until late Wednesday / early Thursday.


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