Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Morning Brief Update -OR- Brady is Still the Cutest Puggle There Is

Brady the puggle and Chris H., Washington, D.C., 9:02PM July 9, 2014.

I'm Brady's godparent.


Sorry for the lack of updates. I had intended to post an entry late last night -- a sort of "midweek odds & ends" themed entry. However, I went to No. 9 right after work, where I met Chris H., and then we went to his place (not the one where he used to live but still along 16th Street about three blocks away and, if possible, even closer to my apartment).

Brady My Puggle.

God, I love that little dog.


I got to play with Brady for a while. Thereafter, we went to Larry's Lounge, and at some point, he and Brady left while Gary showed up. Eventually, I walked home.

I spent too much money and although my paycheck just arrived, I also just paid my rent. As a result, for the next 15 days, I am going to be quite broke -- one of the most Fred Hiatt "austerity and entitlement reform for the working poor" / Washington Consensus / "Give Jamie Dimon, Robert Rubin, & The Masters of the Universe Everything They Want" periods ever. In that awful spirit, perhaps I should ask Wall-P for financial advice.


I'll try to update the blog late tonight after the gym (tonight is a gym night).


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