Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry for July 26th, 2014: High Summer Never Felt So Good Edition

"Who's That Girl" by Guy Sebastian ft. Eve from the album Twenty Ten (2010)

Songs and albums are often eponymously named (though which is which?). In this case, the release year is eponymous with the album name (or vice versa). Whatever the case, this song and video is so Millennial post-everything post-modern.

Updated 11:03AM 7/27/2014: I really like this song and video -- and it's kind of stuck in my head this morning.


Here is something sort of mellow American country rock from way back when ...

"Let Me Love You Tonight" by Pure Prairie League from the group's album Firin' Up (1980)

Of note, Pure Prairie League ("PPL") is still together and quite active -- although, obviously, the members have changed and there were periods when the band was not active. Indeed, PPL is scheduled to perform at The Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, Va., on Aug. 9th. (I suspect that link is only good for so long.)

The lead vocalist in this video is Vince Gill, who today is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, among other activities. His website is here.


And to end with something Saturday night upbeat ...

"Love Never Felt So Good" by the late, great Michael Jackson on the posthumously released album Xscape (2014)


And here is the another version of that song / video featuring Justin Timberlake ...

I used to hate Justin Timberlake but now I kind of like him.


OK, that's all for now. As I mentioned in my just-posted previous entry, I intend to update the blog tomorrow.


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