Monday, June 30, 2014

A Tum-Tum Agitated Monday; An Unexpected New Computer Arrival, and What's Not Going On (For A While, Anyway)

I came home early from work today after a dispiriting and worrying day that also included a rather upset stomach. I really want to go to the gym this evening, but I also don't really feel that well -- fatigued and still somewhat roiled. I also would like to post at least three different blog entries, though I doubt that will happen.

I should note that I am supposed to get a new computer at work tomorrow to replace the one I've had for about two years -- and that I regularly (almost daily) take home with me. The IT person called me out of the blue and said I would be getting a new one. He also assured me that it would also have the same portability as this one, but there is a chance that something might not be compatible in terms of wires and connections.

I am considering taking off Thursday since Friday is the July 4th Independence Day holiday. If I had a normal, functioning family I would take that four day opportunity to do something like, oh, I dunno, visit my dad down in Florida.

But it's such a screaming low-rent sh!t show train wreck there in the trailer-by-the-sea in unincorporated Flagler County that this is not an option. As for mom in Maryland, well, I could fall across the event horizon of the nearest black hole and she wouldn't notice.

Of course, if I weren't so dead-ass broke all the time, not to mention quasi-mentally and vehicle-wise logistically incapacitated when it comes (as they say in New Zealand) to trekking and tramping about, I could take a little side trip

I actually stopped at the Dupont Circle CVS and purchased (as planned) a considerable amount of toiletries plus a new Lasko box fan that I then had to tote all the way up New Hampshire Avenue to U Street to my apartment. (The toiletries were in my book bag along with my computer.)

My TV remains on the fritz, and I have no idea when I'll be able to get a new one. As I recently mentioned, I am considering instead cancelling my cable.

Yeah, yeah, I know -- it's the Wall-P / techno-glibertarian response:

"Eh. Eh. Ehehe. Do this online. Do that online. Shop online. Play online. Watch online. Get rich online. Fall in love online. Get off online. Get trapped in an FBI sting online."

Most importantly, ESAD online.

The internet sucks.

But at least Hobby Lobby doesn't to pay the contraception for its wage slaves employees. Maybe Hobby Lobby can arrange a special day off for them to go to that taxpayer-financed "Creation Museum" in Kentucky and ride the dinosaurs that Noah failed to take with him on the Ark when it rained enough to cover Mount Everest about 4,400 years ago. And they can get their pictures taken with cardboard cutouts of the Scalia 5 outside the Waffle House. But Benji "Special Legal Needs" Wittes is probably duly impressed, as ever.

I'm truly beyond words on this one.

No wonder she's laughing.


"What's Going On??" Indeed.

So for the rest of this entry, I just want to note that dinner at Marvin on Saturday night with my dear friend Wendy was dreadful because the waitress we had was truly awful.

Honestly, I can't even clearly describe what was wrong with her. Our waitress had an attitude that was once arrogant and utterly indifferent attitude (the last time to leap for the tip, which was crappy, I can tell you). (On this point of bad service industry attitudes, while I "get" the basis of the D.C. 17th Street gay cabal, and even bartender attitudes in general in trendy and/or upscale urban areas, I just don't understand the waiter / waitress bad attitude phenomenon, in particular when they aren't harried and clearly frustrated, but rather just bored, arrogant, and oozing self-entitlement.)

When I ordered and requested if I could substitute frickin' asparagus with Brussels sprouts on the salmon dinner, she copped some smarmy attitude, talking down to me as if I were a 4th grader. She burbled some bullsh!t about how the chef has specially "nutritionally balanced" the entries.


Any restaurant can do a substitution. And knock off the attitude -- you're two steps above Jack-in-the-Box.

Anyway, the substitution I got was some awful inedible lettuce. And the salmon was way too salty. Totally unenjoyable and not worth the $25 price.

The wine was (big surprise) overpriced and mediocre. (Honestly, though, I rarely have success with wine. The only thing I really like is the house chianti at Dupont Italian Kitchen.)

The busboys were far more attentive than she was -- and this includes getting a requested dessert menus.

The final straw was when she came by to take AWAY the dessert menus without even asking if we were going to order. I wouldn't move my elbow and then just glared at her. She just frickin' infuriated me. (As it is, Wendy and I had an impromptu dessert at that new Yamas where the old Subway used to be on New Hampshire Avenue and then we went to Larry's Lounge to meet Gary.)

As for the atmosphere: Mob, raucously noisy, blaring music, more nightclub than quiet little Belgian bistro that somehow is paying homage to the memory of the late, great Marvin Gaye. The place is far too crowded (admittedly, going there on a Saturday summer night at 9PM wasn't the best idea). Upstairs IS an actual nightclub (er, "lounge").

The bottom line is you just can't have a quiet, nice place at the corner of 14th and U Streets where traditional African American urban ghetto meetings glass-domed Emerald City yuppie boomtown. (Oh, and the hulking, decrepit, quasi-homeless shelter of the Frank D. Reeves / Marion Barry Center can't be torn down fast enough to make way for more yuppiminiums, overpriced restaurants, and blaring nightclubs.

I probably would have had better luck at the contrived speakeasy next door (The Gibson), provided I was let in.

All in all, a $78 dinner (less a minimal tip) that was so not worth it.

Needless to say, "what's going on" is that I won't be going back to Marvin for a while.

OK, let's see if I can get to the gym.


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