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The 10-Year Anniversary Waltz -OR- Pondering the World While Looking Across the Leafy Green Miles of a Sunny Memorial Day Weekend

Updated 1:06PM 5/24/2014: See below.

I should probably credit where I found this picture: Here. Somehow, it seemed suitable as a lead image.


Again, sorry for the lack of timely updates. This entry is a brief update that encompasses a few disjointed items.

For starters, I should necessarily note that today (or rather, last night) was the exact 10 year "anniversary" of that stupid and ugly encounter with the one known on this blog by the admittedly odd moniker as M. WADE Tipamillyun. To "commemorate" that, I stopped by Oceanaire Seafood Room restaurant around 730PM to have a glass of wine and shrimp cocktail at the bar.

Two men on a scaffolding platform working on a store front fa├žade, 1300 block F Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:02PM May 22, 2014.


You see, I wanted to go there because that was where I went in a group dinner -- with my ex-friend Pitty Shil, a.k.a., "Wall-P," legal tool of the corporate oligarchical elite, and that lot of suburban bourgeois couples around him -- couples then-just-married or in the process of getting married. Then they were going to conquer the world on the strength of their brilliance and their love as couples. Now they're just cheesecake-eating witches and football-watching, money-obsessed toads -- bourgeois marshmallows galore -- with sticky, poopy young children.

The exception is Wall-P and Staff: in their case, a houseful of dogs and a psychotic, holds-a-grudge hissing cat fill that role. Anyway, NONE of these people are my life any longer, a fact which I THANKFULLY CELEBRATE . Of note, I can't recall if this was pre-Staff or not (I think it was), but who cares.

"Eh. Eh. Ehehehe. The Dow is up. Money was made. Synergies were realized in client solution space. Eh. Eh. This proves yet again the superiority of my ways. There is no God because I cannot perceive a God, nor do I have a need for one to know that I exist. Therefore, I conclude there is none."

This is followed by spouting some Fred Hiatt / Washington Consensus conventional crap wisdom masquerading in bad drag as Deep and Profound Insight such as why we need legal torture (something from a 24 episode about capturing a terrorist with 4 minutes to remaining to defuse a hydrogen bomb to save a city). Suddenly, Staff starts berating him about this or that, and he quickly shuts the hell up.

Or maybe Staff will pick another fight with a skinhead in a old beat up car as she did about 5 years ago after that most minor of traffic incidents (somebody cutting somebody off).

In that case, she proceeded to insult his car and his entire life to his face and he (and his passenger) began following us. I was in the back seat while little Wall-P rode shotgun, seated on a big pillow so he could prop his feet up on the dashboard. It ended when I called 911.

My guess is she engaged in such behavior to see whether and how "her man" would SWING INTO ACTION to defend her "honor" or something jackass stupid like that. It's truly amazing how dangerously nutty people can be.

The bar at Oceanaire Seafood Room restaurant, Washington, D.C., 7:25PM May 22, 2014.


Anyway, I sat at the corner of the bar at Oceanaire (see above picture) and listened to the unintentionally hilarious conversation of the bartenders and servers. One server said flatly in response to nothing: "You think I'm kidding when I say what assh*les these people are..." Then there was a discussion over which type of Tanqueray to use and NOT tell the customer because the ordered blue one was in fact out.

Oceanaire Seafood Room restaurant, Washington, D.C., 7:59PM May 22, 2014.

Of note, as I left, I walked past a large table just about in the center of the room where we were all seated that night. There was a large party there. And seated right where I had been was this little boy in a bright green shirt who stood out incongruously from all the adults at the table. You can't see him in the above blurry picture because he is hidden.


As for the 10-year "anniversary," that event was one of the worst events for me in my life, especially at the time, and for years to follow was also this terrible thing that I could not fix. And trust me, I suffered far more than anybody in this.

Slowly, it morphed as my own life followed a sh!tty path of unemployment, no money, and failure for years . Finally -- in keeping with Karl Marx's brilliant adage about history repeating twice -- first as tragedy and then as farce -- it did just that in early 2011 at Cobalt, the other "axis" of the "bi-polar" 17th Street Gay Universe. So much nonsense and bullsh!t.

And now -- 10 years later, in another place in life that too is only very temporary -- I can say I genuinely (frankly?) don't give a damn.

As for him, as long as he is the Center of All Attention in the Observable Universe in whatever occupations he has or life path embarked upon, well, then, I guess everything is right in his world.

I would actually apologize for the particulars of that night, but at this point, I have no real desire to do so. It's more likely to end up with a "frig you and your crow-man" than a genuinely contrite, stand-alone apology.

Let me just add that I find it astonishing that a DECADE later, the same little D.C. gay mafia runs the same little strip on 17th Street. To use a phrase I like,  "Quite remarkable in its way."

And that's all I'm going to say on that.

Anyway, thereafter I went to Larry's Lounge, where I met Jim, who is in town from Milwaukee, and LP. I wanted those two to meet and talk, which they did. Also, Kristof showed up. (He's heading to Sri Lanka for three weeks in about 10 days.)

As for this Memorial Day holiday weekend, I REALLY want to be outside at early afternoon hours and not frickin' hung over and sleeping until 3PM. I plan to adjust my nighttime schedule accordingly.

As for tonight, I think I am going with Andrea, Jake, and some others out to Observatory Park in Reston to view the much-anticipated Camelopardalid meteor shower. It is so named because the shower will appear to radiate from (i.e., the "radiant" is) the constellation Camelopardalis.

Sky diagram and schematic showing the "radiant" of tonight's Camelopardalids meteor shower from the constellation Camelopardalis.


As for the constellation Camelopardalis, honestly, I had never even heard of DESPITE the fact I've had a keen amateur interest in astronomy all my life ... WAS an actual NASA astronomy writer for an unsuccessful stint 10 to 12 years ago (granted that was high-energy astrophysics and cosmology -- a lot farther away than a sprinkling of stars in our Galaxy) ... and that this weirdly-named constellation (which apparently means "the giraffe," although the Greek transliteration is actually "camel" + "leopard") is in our Northern Hemisphere sky.

There are even predictions of a possible "meteor storm" with as many as "a thousand" of such "shooting stars" per hour.

A word of caution: I've heard many such predictions in my lifetime of fantastic meteor showers yet none have panned out.

In this case, Earth's orbit takes it through the dust trail of Comet 209P/LINEAR (so named because of its discovery by MIT's Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research ("LINEAR") telescope and the naming convention associated with it). As explained in this very-informative Capital Weather Gang blog posting, Earth apparently has not gone through this dust trail before -- hence the uncertainty of how good or poor will be the display.

UPDATED 1:06PM 5/24/2014: As I suspected it would be, the Camelopardalids display was a near total bust. As for me, I opted not to go out Observatory Park in Reston but instead stayed in the city and had my usual ultimately costly and crappy solo night out around my neighborhood. Anyway, it's time for me to start my Saturday.

End of update.


Lafayette Park with the White House and Washington Monument visible, 8:12PM May 22, 2014. The park and the Pennsylvania Avenue pedestrian promenade in front of the White House was mobbed at this evening hour.


Today is a sunny, pleasant day with temps rising into the mid-70s Fahrenheit with a small chance (30%) of instability showers. There were scattered severe thunderstorms yesterday that did not hit the District of Columbia proper but that produced copious hail in parts of upper Montgomery County and the Sterling NWS office had to issue a few tornado warnings (though none appear to have actually touched own) including in central Anne Arundel County. Apparently, Sterling LWX had some radar problems -- and has been roundly chastised by the Capital Weather Gang.

A portion of the Sterling LWX radar image showing parts of Maryland, Delaware, and the Chesapeake Bay at 5:31PM EDT May 22, 2014. This radar image shows the severe thunderstorms in question. The radar image is not the same as the standard one on the NWS that I usually post (see image below).


The LWX NWS radar in enhanced composite mode at 5:00PM May 22, 2014. The red truncated cone shaped areas indicate where tornado warnings were in effect and included at that moment parts of Kent County, Delaware, King George County southeast of Fredericksburg, and City of Richmond (located about 100 miles from the LWX radar site).


As noted, Richmond, Virginia had a tornado warning in effect at one point yesterday -- this was issued by the Wakefield AKQ NWS office -- and it followed less than 24 hours after a 3.2 earthquake that struck at 9:47PM Wednesday evening. That earthquake apparently is not considered an aftershock of the August 2011 quake. The Wednesday night one was not felt in the immediate D.C. area.

Left: Map showing the epicenter locations of the Aug. 23, 2011 magnitude 5.8 earthquake and the May 21, 2014 magnitude 3.2 earthquake in Virginia.

OK, that's all for now.

I'm only working half a day today, although I do need to get into the office to finish one task. Actually, come to think of it, I may just finish that task at home and then go to the gym. That might be a better use of my day.

I also need to send in -- either electronically, by fax, or by snail mail -- my forbearance request to Sallie Mae on my forever unpayable consolidated direct loans (which now total approximately $1.4 quadrillion and are steadily rising). The current forbearance runs out on May 28th.

I am "exercising" the second of what I believe is three years on my "mandatory excessive debt burden" forbearance option. I should also have one year of general forbearance remaining as well. This should take me -- if I have reckoned this correctly -- to June 2017, which is 37 months closer to death and getting ride of the debt.


Cue Lee Greenwood:

"And I'm proud to be an American / Where at least I know I'm a football-watching, McDonald's-eating, consuming machine who is a debt-indentured servitude tool of the oligarchical overclass ooops, I mean free -- "


That was far more bitter and hateful than I intended.

Anyway, I'm probably not going to update this blog much between now and early next week (though I'll aim for a jukebox Saturday night entry). This is because I want to be outside this extended weekend and do other things than blog. I'm also meeting Jim later on Saturday night at No. 9.Finally, I intend to go to LP's place on Sunday early afternoon because -- in a manner analogous to my stop at Oceanaire described above -- I have a memory of going to his Grosvenor Park condo shortly after that incident and how pleasant and serene it was looking out at leafy tree-top level across the late May world on a sunny day.

The view from my kitchen window a short time ago looking out across my small part of Washington, D.C., 12:33PM May 23, 2014.


OK, that's all for now. Again, entry updates might be sparse the next three to four days.


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