Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday Night Bar Threads & Sunday Afternoon Sunny Rays -OR- "Together In Electric Dreams"

Sunday afternoon.

A very sunny and warm Sunday afternoon in the month of May here in the District, across the D.C. area, and around much of the mid-Atlantic region. Temperatures should reach the lower 80s Fahrenheit in the District and environs.

We sorta got cheated out of rain yesterday but we are still in surplus for the year.

I would like to take a bike ride today -- and start before, say, 4PM. This necessarily precludes blogging. (Yes, I just got up after going to bed around 430AM.) As for last night, it was sorta meh, and then I my mood deteriorated as I walked home.

As for last night, I went to Nellie's but it was already quite late. I talked to Brett for a little while and to bartender Eric, who was off duty.

I walked home and ended up doing that thing where I watch a disaster or awful movie in the wee hours, in this case, the British nuclear war movie Threads from 1984. I didn't watch the whole thing (it was featured as a single YouTube video) but got the basic gist of it (which, actually, I sort of already knew). It was the British "reply", as it were, to the movie The Day After the previous year.

Leave it to the British ... Threads manages to be even more horrifying, appalling, and cant-stop-watching it than The Day After, and all on a shoe-string budget. And with little informative messages throughout. Oh, and I think I like Damnation Alley better.

Ivy Mike. Planet Earth. November 1, 1952.

Then my dreams were plagued with impending nuclear bomb detonations including waiting atop a building with a bunch of people for the flash and mushroom cloud in the distance -- only the Sun came up instead. Even more complicated, it was sunset. And in the end, I didn't want to look at the flash. I finally woke up when I heard a voice saying 22 minutes to impact.

Returning to last night, prior to Nellie's, I went to No. 9, where I talked to bartender D., who recounted how two of his friends were robbed along a road in San Juan, Puerto Rico last week on a 5-day trip there. They had left a restaurant early and were walking back to their place. Fortunately, they were not hurt but it certainly crimped the trip. There was just enough time, though, for them to get a police report to allow them to fly without an ID back to the U.S. Mainland.

Aerial coastal view of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.


I also talked to bartender Jose, who was not working last night but was there. We talked about his recent photo shoot for Metro Weekly's ongoing "Bartender Edition" coverboy feature. He was the featured bartender for No. 9 -- and it was in the 20th anniversary edition, no less. (Note: There are three additional pages linked from the above site.)

Maybe I should get a Superman belt buckle. I don't think it would have quite the same effect when I wear it.

Metro Weekly hasn't gotten to JR's yet, but I am already curious if it will feature (for strategic and political reasons) the Gay Consigliere, the "Baby" M. WADE, or another (somewhat younger) bartender there ...

... quite possibly that younger one who looks like a gay version of the replicant android Roy Batty in Blade Runner.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep??

Do Gay 20-Something Year Old Men Dance to Electric Beats?

The question answers itself.

OK, that's all for now.


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