Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Lovely Light and Warmth of Spring Day; And So Begins My Vampire Season of of the Sun

** This entry was posted April 12, 2014.**

It's a dazzlingly sunny and warm day with temperatures already around 73F here in and around D.C. Tomorrow is forecasted to be even warmer with temperatures climbing to about 82F. However, it should get colder with a chance of rain by midweek.

Let's hope so.

I have the blinds down so it is dim in here, plus my apartment faces west so it isn't excessively bright yet. I'm reverting to a summer part-time vampire existence. However, I can tell that it's warm outside because my air conditioner is actually working instead of just blowing uncooled air.

The trees are starting to bud / foliage / leaf-out (choose your term). The Yoshino cherry blossoms are at peak and if I want to make that trek down to the Tidal Basin among the throngs, I would have to do it in the next two days. (I could always do my middle-of-the-night trek down there on my bike.) The Kwanzan cherry blossoms should be out in about a week. I like those blossoms better.

One of a series of sunrise-at-the-Tidal Basin pictures featuring the peaking Yoshino cherry blossoms taken by Ian Livingston and featured in this CWG entry.

I seldom look at the CWG site outside of winter.


Anyway, I need to go to the gym today (I also went yesterday evening though I skipped any weightlifting and pool). As for tomorrow, I plan to take a long bike ride. I may even go up to Rockville and do a bike ride similar to the one I took last October.

As for tonight, eh, I don't know. Probably just my Old Ebbitt Grill Old Bar dinner and then go to No. 9 and Nellie's. Last night, I went to Larry's Lounge and had a nice conversation with Dave before heading to No. 9, where I had a really nice conversation with Brett (she's awesome) and then to Nellie's. I actually stopped at McDonald's on the U Street walk home and purchased a Big Mac. I do that about four or five times a year. It was actually incredibly good.

OK, I guess that's all for now, although there are a few other items I wanted to relate but those can wait.

My biggest worry right now (as always this time of year) is securing another 12-month delay (forbearance) on my student loans. I'm presently in an excessive debt forbearance. I'm unsure if I can extend that. Even if not, I should have 1 remaining year of general forbearance.

Above: "Baby M. WADE" Tipamillyun after the usual night's tip "take".

At that point, I need to get into an income contingent or income sensitive repayment option because there isn't the SLIGHTEST chance I'm going willingly and voluntarily agree to pay $1,360 per month -- that's $200 than my monthly rent and over 25 percent of my GROSS monthly pay -- under a standard plan.

As our friend the Spaz-Manian Devil would shriek in three-part shriekery (or maybe grand mal palsy-style):


I'd sooner default and let Sallie Mae and/or the Direct Loan program (the former my the loan service provider for the latter) sue me and go a Chapter 13 route (alas, Chapter 7 is not an option in this reality on student loans).

Oh, and spare me any horsesh!t about "paying down the interest." That's the kind of crap that the corporate oligarchical overclass superrich and their corporate tools such as Wall-P and the Confederate Belle worry about.

For me, paying ANYTHING on my $240,000 (and forever growing) student loan is simply and only wasted money.

I just have to run out the clock on my life and the debt dies with me. Or, more hopefully but less likely, I have to get the kind of job that allows me to take advantage of the public service option repayment route).

God Bless America. Let the Eagle Soar Like She's Never Soared -- Ohhhh, Shut Up.

OK, that really is all for now.


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