Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pee Eee Aye Ess Oh! -OR- Bookmark 'Em Danno!

Updated 9:02AM 4/18/2014: See below.

It's out. And it's glorious awesome.

(The second PDF link in the above link is the actual full document.)

The original show opening.

The "Five-O" was really "Five-0" as in "50" because it was the 50th state. Just sayin' ...


I'm very proud of this, but let me emphasize what a massive and sustained team effort it was.

I am listed as a contributing author (see the third to last page of this document). My role included verifying all 500 to 600 unique references (a few may have slipped by) and their call-outs. I wrote Chapter 1 (although the text was somewhat edited -- this was a team effort) and the chapter glossaries. I also did ALL the hypertext linking in the third chapter in a 12-hour all-nighter last week.

Oh, and did I mention the diacritical marks??  ĽOkinas and macrons galore, oh my!


The new series opening. It is nicely in keeping with the spirit of the original series.

Sorry, Alex O'Loughlin, you may have a hot bod but you're no Jack Lord.


Oh, and as an aside, please check out on the second-to-last page name of my company's former COO. It is THE MOST AWESOME name ever. Furthermore, S. was also one of the nicest humans you would ever have the pleasure of meeting and knowing. He is now at another job. I miss him.

Anyway, the Notice of Availability (NOA) is scheduled to go out (I think) on Friday. It should appear here. At that point, the responsible state agency should have a press release. This NOA initiates a 90-day public comment period that will be used to help create the final version later this year.

UPDATED 9:02AM 4/18/2014: OK, the FR notice has been published. The direct link to the two-page PDF version is here. At this point, the responsible state agency has not published any press releases.

End of update.


This document is likely to garner a fair amount of media and public attention across the state during the next 3 to 6 months -- and not all of it good.

OOOH, the comments likely to come!

FWIW, please just keep in mind: This document is intended to ASSIST the folks there IF AND ONLY IF the state government gets involved in any projects involving these kinds of technologies or activities. It's NOT what anyone MUST do.

Just please, PLEASE keep that in mind before you judge this document and what you think is its intention.  


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