Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Night Fatigued -OR- "Not Exactly Walkin' on the Sun ..."*

*With apologies to Smash Mouth.

Updated 1:21PM 4/26/2014: See below.

Dazzling early afternoon Sun in a gentle blue sky fleeced with stratocumulus clouds on a cool spring day as seen over L'Enfant Promenade, Washington, D.C., 12:55PM April 23, 2014.

FYI ...

The solar constant is 1,360 W/m^2 at the top of Earth's atmosphere. Assuming Earth's orbit is circular about the Sun with distance "r", then if you integrate through this entire surface area of 4*pi*r^2 to get an energy flux through all points on that imaginary sphere, it equals the Sun's power output: 586 billion BILLION Megawatts (or, alternatively, 586 million billion Gigawatts).

Written out, in the unit of the watt, that's 586 septillion watts (i.e., 586,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts). Using E=mc^2, this translates into about 700 million tons of hydrogen converted into about 695 million tons of helium per second in the Sun's unimaginable thermonuclear core with the remaining 5 million tons converted via fusion into energy in that specified amount. Awesome. (I confirmed these figure once after seeing it on The Nine Planets websiteUse caution going to that site -- it has had issues.)


Friday evening.

It is a mostly cloudy, rather cool evening following a burst of heavy rainfall associated with a cold frontal passage that, in turn, followed sunny, pleasant afternoon. It looks as though the high at KDCA and KIAD was 69F while it reached 65F at KBWI. Those highs are almost normal for the date (70F / 70F / 68F, respectively).

(Updated:) Rainfall totals for today were 0.39" at KDCA, 0.34" at KIAD, and 0.63" at KBWI. It is now 55F at KDCA with a chance of lingering showers until about 11PM.

A gusty northwesterly breeze is forecasted to kick up later with lows around 50F in the District and in the 40s across suburbia into Republican far-exurbia.

There may be some additional showers later tomorrow followed by sunny, pleasant weather on Sunday with highs around 65F. Thereafter, next week looks to be cool and wet, which is fine with me this time of year both to keep the surging tree pollen at bay and to recharge the water supply (hydrological and climatological) ahead of summer. I also just like that kind of weather.

I would spend a couple hours updating this blog except I want to go out tonight -- and get a relatively early start.

I'm also physically fatigued and exhausted, in part due to two consecutive nights of good complete gym workouts (1 hour jogging, about 1 hour of light-to-moderate machine-based weightlifting, and approx. 20 minutes in the pool).

It is also due to the fact that I'm just always tired. What's more, this gym routine and work and blogging all tie into my perpetual sleep deficit during the week that I never really make up on the weekend, in particular with going out as I do. My whole schedule is ripe for collapse from exhaustion.

As for this weekend, I would like to go the gym tomorrow while on Sunday I'm going to an afternoon dinner party in Capitol Hill (a part of the city I seldom visit) that involves some folks I know through Andrea.

As for things I want and need to do this weekend, I want to do my laundry (tomorrow night), and I need to complete a short but concise report on microgrids in the mid-Atlantic and New England and how their development has been affected / driven by hybrid tropical / extratropical Superstorm Sandy (which is already a full year and a half in the past). I didn't finish the work this week.

I also want to update this blog with some excerpts of good pieces -- by Chait and Krugman and others -- that I read. I also wanted to post some thoughts on the Cliven Bundy sideshow that has so captivated the bat-sh!t crazy right and the center-right "far left" in America as played out in the media/entertainment complex this week. I love the fact his name is Bundy (as in Al Bundy ...).

But I just don't have enough time to do so now.

OK, that's all for now. Tonight, my plan is to do dinner at the bar at Eatonville and then go to No. 9 followed by Larry's Lounge, where Dominik is bartending.

Updated 1:21PM 4/26/2014:

I ended up first going to D-I-K bar but, unexpectedly, Chris H. was working, and I did not want to be see him. I didn't even look at him. Instead, I talked to bar acquaintance Frank for a few minutes. Next, I had dinner at Trio (it's new interior design is the topic for a separate entry). I then met Gary at LL.

End of update.

Oh, yes, I meant to relate that Gary has booked the hotel in Wildwood Crest, N.J., for later this summer for him, LP, and me and possibly Wendy. We're staying at the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn Aug. 22 - 26th.  The hotel is pictured above. I'm not exactly sure if it is in Wildwood or Wildwood Crest. Based on E. Cresse Avenue as the boundary, it is just inside Wildwood Crest.


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