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The Snow and Cold of This Early March: The Recap; A Visit with Brady; Some Sad News from New Jersey (UPDATED)

12:14AM 3/6/2014: Updated to include snow totals (which I forgot to include in the initial entry); see below.

The setting Sun bathes the blocky brick apartment building at the corner of 17th and S Streets in orange-crimson light while the rest of the world settles into an unusually cold and snow-blanketed night following a snowy day here in Washington, D.C., 5:53PM March 3, 2014.


As a recap of the cold and snow that I promised I would post:

Temperatures dropped yesterday morning (March 4th) to -1F at Dulles Airport (KIAD) and 4F at BWI Airport (KBWI), tying and surpassing by one degree, respectively, the coldest temperatures ever recorded in March at those two climate stations.

The KBWI record is actually part of the much longer Baltimore record stretching back to Jan. 1871).

National Airport (KDCA) didn't even bother to try -- it only fell to 14F. This was well above its daily and all-time record low temp of 4F set on March 4, 1873 (the morning of President Ulysses S. Grant's second inaugural.

Of note, it was President Grant who signed in Feb. 1870 the legislation establishing official U.S. Government weather record-keeping (then under the Secretary of War). See here for more info. 

Click on this graphic for larger version.


I should also note that March 3rd also saw record lows at KIAD and KBWI but not KDCA. (These records occurred just a few hours before the March 4th morning lows.) KIAD dropped to 1F / old record 12F in 1980 (that record was shattered) and KBWI dropped to 5F / old record 10F in 2009. The 5F on the 3rd at KBWI actually tied the coldest temp. ever for the month of March. As for KDCA, it fell to 17F, well above the 11F record low set in 1925 (i.e., pre-National Airport record*).

Snowy intersection of S and 19th Streets NW looking east, Washington, D.C., 6:01PM March 3, 2014.


*To clarify, while the D.C. records also go back to 1871, KDCA has been the official D.C. climate station since 1945, and as I've mentioned repeatedly on this blog, cold and snow records are just impossible to set.  Anyway, for more information on the cold temps just set, sees this Sterling LWX public information statement.

Dusk after the snow as seen at the intersection of S and 18th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 5:58PM March 3, 2014.


I had intended to update the blog last night but that didn't happen because I didn't do my gym / dinner / late night TV watching and blogging routine. Thus, there was no regular update.

Instead, I went to D-I-K bar where Chris H. was working, and I had a nice conversation with this fellow named Art from San Francisco (a lifelong resident there). Thereafter, I briefly stopped by Chris's place and got to see and play with adorable little Brady a bit. I got home around 1230AM and went to bed around 130AM.

Brady getting his tummy rubbed.


One more Brady picture ...

Isn't he just too cute?


The migraine headache that was making my head cloudy the past few days seems to have ebbed, except now I think I have a low-grade cold of some sort. I was able to get my prescription for Sumatriptan Succinate (Imitrex) refilled.

Tonight may be another night in which I do not have time to update the blog. What I need to do more than anything is my laundry because I skipped it last weekend and it is piled high in the basket in the closet.

Another snowy Monday evening picture, this one taken in the 1700 block of Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:56PM March 3, 2014.

By way of explanation, I took these pictures at the end of a "snow day" in which I got stuck in my apartment all day. I was walking over to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to take advantage of its $7 bar only menu between 5 to 7PM happy hour (daily except Saturday). The appetizers and wine are on that menu are all $7 each. Two appetizers form a full meal.


Some concluding weather thoughts ...  the coldest of the cold temperatures is over and it looks like we are done with any snow for the time being (and within a few weeks, it is simply too late in the season to snow in any meaningful way). We are beginning our long climb into summer, though this spring will likely see a few more bouts of below normal and stormy weather. Good.

The view during the height of the heavy snow -- and literally minutes before it ended -- as seen looking out my apartment window (well, I stuck the cellphone out more than my head). This is looking to the southwest at the intersection of 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, D.C., 1:11PM March 3, 2014.

I always seem to miss being able to get outside during the height of a snow event. And, yes, that's my little window air conditioner.


UPDATED 12:14AM 3/6/2014 for snowfall totals ...

Somehow I forgot to post the snowfall totals including this regional snowfall map. Click on map image below for larger version.

Sterling LWX county warning area (CWA) reported snowfall amounts for the storm event (though the end times on this map varies and not all include that location's full storm total).


As I mentioned in my previous entry, the snowfall totals at the three regional airport climate stations were as follows:

KDCA: 3.8 inches
KBWI: 3.8 inches
KIAD: 4.9 inches (daily record)

Snowfall totals in the extended area ranged from 3 to 7 inches with isolated higher amounts. (The map above includes amounts measured before and after the event had ended.) Highest reported amounts was 9.0 inches in Manassas and 10.0 inches in Cherry Grove,W.Va.

As for the climate station totals, we now have the following seasonal amounts and departures from the 1981 - 2010 average:

KDCA: 23.1 inches or +8.6 inches above 3/5 normal; seasonal normal is 15.4 inches.

KBWI: 30.7 inches or +11.9 inches above 3/5 normal; seasonal normal is 20.1 inches.

KDCA: 37.9 inches or +18.3 inches above 3/5 normal; seasonal normal is 22.0 inches.

End of Update.


I wasn't sure whether to post this item or not but here goes ...

I heard from my New Jersey childhood friend Chris C. this morning with some sad news.

Chris told me that a childhood friend (Jamie) I have not seen since at least 1985 has died from cancer. Jamie has an older brother (Kristian) who was my classmate at Elberon Public School (which no longer exists). I was friends with both Kristian and Jamie -- we would frequently ride about bikes around Elberon / Long Branch in the late 1970s. Kristian and I were about 8 to 10 years old during this time and Jamie was a few years younger.

Kristian and Jamie lived with their mom in Long Branch. I recall that she died of cancer around the time my grandmother died (1988), as the last time I had seen them (together) was actually in the cafeteria at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch. I was there for my grandma and they were there for their mom.

As for Jamie, he could not have been more than 41 or 42, and he leaves behind two daughters. I should try to reach out to Kristian, but it has been so many years, and it seems like such an awkward time and way to reach out to someone.


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