Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pay the Two Dollars, Tip the Two Dollars, and a Watch a Friendly but Very Not American Sport

Five $2 U.S. Dollar Bills

Yes, I like to collect $2 bills and spend them.


Now what would M-WADE Tipamillyun do?? Would he accept the tips or not?? (OF COURSE HE WOULD.)

I personally think the $2 bill is kinda awesome, both front and back -- the latter with Trumbull's Declaration of Independence, the American equivalent scene of the Last Supper.


As for M-WADE, it's time to follow the white bouncing ball:

Altogether (set to the intro tune of Buddy Holly's Everyday):

"M. Wade Tip /
M. Wade Tipamillyun /
There He Is /
At the Gay Cotillion ..."

I'm not even going to try to come up with additional lyrics.


Changing subjects ...

I was at D-I-K bar tonight for dinner, and Chris had the TV tuned to a soccer game being held, in all places, Atlanta, Georgia. It is part of a series of games held all over the world called the International Friendly (which, apparently, means games may end as a tie, or at least as a scoreless draw).

This particular game was between Mexico and Nigeria. The Spanish station to which the TV was tuned that was carrying the game had on the screen the country abbreviations MEX and NIG.

"I can't watch this station," Chris said and changed it to an ESPN station carrying the same game. On that channel, the onscreen abbreviation was a less jarring MEX and NGA.

The "Friendly International" game ended tied 0-0 after 90 minutes with NO commercial breaks. Oh, and someone threw two colorful smoke bombs on the field -- deep pink and florid green. A referee just casually picked them up and removed them. No police storming the fields, no terror alerts, no nothing. Just nonchalantly removed them. Of course, it COULD have been something bad.

A game that ends zero-zero. No commercials. And you can throw (what looks like) mustard gas on the field, and no one really cares. Wow. This is NOT an American televised sport.

Images from this site.

OK, that's all for now.


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