Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Blog Entry Coming 'Round the Life Mountain -OR- Spring Is Here

A quick morning update. I went to the gym last night (and had a good workout overall) and then went to Dupont Italian Kitchen bar to see Chris, and then to Larry's Lounge, where I had a good conversation with Jim from Milwaukee, who is in town for several days. On Wednesday, I had my usual weeknight dinner downstairs at D-I-K since Chris was working there.

I'll try to update the blog tonight but more likely it will be on Saturday. We can discuss why Wall-P is such a sophisticated investor and legal genius (uh, oh ... Staff is one Line 1 and an important client on Line 2). ("Eh. Eh. Eheheheh.") He's pictured above at his glorious wedding with Staff when her Victory became TOTAL AND COMPLETE and she went from Lady Macbeth mode to just demanding HONOR.

We can also discuss the Confederate Belle's arrival in Hotlanta and all the territory down there to be conquered in amoral fashion for the sake of narcissistic and empty pleasures.

Then we can discuss what mountain the Spaz-Manian Devil either attempted to drive THROUGH because Spaz (ROCK ON! ROCK ON! ROCK ON!) discovered that this was physically shorter than the pleasant drive AROUND the mountain, or OFF of which he drove because, Goddammit, Spaz was going to prove some IT point that proved how smart he is (except the GPS Navigator was just wrong -- and how can that be??).

Oh, and finally, above all else, I will relate how Fred Hiatt and the Gang of 500 and its Washington Consensus help direct every key decision I make, which is to say, how all my opinions and actions are PERFECLY aligned with -- and never but never undermine -- the demands and desires of the oligarchical overclass that runs the United States of America (and that is phantasmagorically embodied in Jamie Dimon and Robert Rubin) despite the fact that I'm just a nobody in this lost time and place of the early 21st Century D.C. Bubble.

For instance, like that time I had to duck bullets on 10th Street while walking home. My first thought was keeping the 911 line free for M. WADE Tipamillyun in case someone parked their trashy car in his BMW's spot.

My SECOND thought was that Hiatt's Washington Post Editorial Board would explain to me from First Principles -- a la Candide -- how D.C. GUN CONTROL laws and sternly written unsigned editorial would keep me safe.

This will also help me in deciding who to vote for in the ridiculous upcoming Democratic mayoral primary here in the District. The primary -- which in D.C. basically serves as the general election since the city is as Democratic as an all-white Alabama gated community is Republican -- is April 1st.

This Democratic primary pits the D.C. Old School venal incumbent (Vincent Gray) is up against a cast of ridiculous characters from the corrupt (Vincent Orange and Jack Evans) to the (to paraphrase The City Paper) "livable-walkable-unelectable" unicorn fairy with his 5-cent plastic bag tax (Tommy Wells) to the Post Editorial Board / Gang of 500-approved one (Muriel Bowser) plus a few others (Andy Shallal and Reta Jo Lewis and maybe a one or two more). (In the actual election in November, I'll probably just vote for David Catania.) As for D.C. Delegate, there's no way I'm voting for Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Why, oh why, can't QUEEN NOBLE be on the ballot this time??

OK, enough of that.

I'm going to get a buzz cut haircut tonight because my usual "Eur'fro" is getting on my nerves as it grows in.

It's a cloudy, mild morning (around 48F). Astronomical spring arrived yesterday. I've been busy at work recently with the big Hawaii project.


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