Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Actual Extremely Brief Blog Update ...

**This entry was posted on March 19, 2014.**

Sand Island Light, Sand Island, Apostle Islands, Wisconsin, Lake Superior, July 16, 2010.


I'll try to post a new entry tomorrow ... well, actually, later this morning. I composed the bulk of a new entry -- after a lengthy day that followed an all-nighter last night and only 4 hours of sleep. But I ran out of time tonight. I had a nice night at BarCode and then Dupont Italian Kitchen, and thereafter, at Chris H's place where I got to visit Brady. I completed the Chapter 3 referencing task after working all night last night.

However, right now I'm going to bed. Cheers is on now on Hallmark -- and its the early season ones with Diane that I really prefer.


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