Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Late Season Brief Morning Snowfalls; Other Notes from a D.C. Apartment, Early 21st Century

**Updated 12:18AM 2/27/2014 with 2/26 snowfall totals.**

My apartment view looking to the WSW across the intersection of 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, D.C., during a snow squall a short time ago, 10:28AM February 26, 2014.


Just a quick morning update.

For the second morning in a row, we have had accumulating snowfall in the immediate Metro D.C. area with winter weather advisories. Yesterday's event was actually more of a genuine surprise -- and startling in that it dropped 2.8 inches officially at KDCA as a heavier band set up over D.C. and Alexandria / Arlington.

The other two airport climate stations in the region had a lot less: both KBWI and KIAD had 0.6 inches of snow. Thus, KDCA was easily the highest of the three and among the highest area-wide.

That never happens.

A "before" -- or rather, "during" -- and "after" picture taken by Ian Livingston of the Capital Weather Gang yesterday in Cleveland Park here in Washington, D.C., showing the morning's snowfall and how it had vanished by afternoon. This picture is in the third CWG linked entry below.


Today's snowfall seems a touch lighter here in the city with another 2" mostly on the grass and cars (main roadways are just wet since temps are marginal around 32F) but KDCA has had only 0.1 inch (so far). The seasonal snowfall totals is now preliminarily set at 18.4 inches for KDCA.

Updated 12:18AM 2/27/2014 for final 2/26 snowfall totals.

KDCA actually picked up a full 1.0 inch today, so it's seasonal total is 19.3 inches.

KBWI had 0.6 inches and KIAD had 1.4 inches, which brings their respective seasonal totals to 26.9 inches and 33.0 inches.

End of update.

I direct you to the Capital Weather Gang and its entries over the past few days for more info including here, here, and here. Oh, and for this morning's snow, here.

As I wrote this, it was suddenly snowing rather heavily again right outside my window even though the radar doesn't look very impressive.

Interesting winter: It just doesn't want to let go. (Of course, in the late 19th Century, winter would not have let go until mid-March.)

Picture posted in the fourth linked CWG entry above taken by Susie Shaffer in Kemp Mill, Md., this morning showing a dog (possibly hers) enjoying the snow.


I'm really not feeling well this morning. I'm going into work late. As it is, I worked a 12-hour day yesterday -- but entirely from home including from 130AM to 6AM and then again from about 10AM to 530PM. The four hours of hardly restful sleep between 6AM and 10AM didn't do me much good. The snow falling moderately outside my window actually got me up.

Another view from my apartment but looking to the NNW toward the nearby buildings and Meridian Hill Park during the snow squall, Washington, D.C., 10:30AM February 26, 2014.


However, I finished editing the 156 page document and recreated some incredibly detailed tables of numbers showing NPV, BCR, IRR, and dollar amounts of this and that stretching from 2008 all the way back to 1974 in one case.

Snowy morning in Reston, Va., as taken by SarahPMacD and posted in the fourth-linked CWG entry above.


Last night, I went out for a bit including to Luna Grill where I met Imara and Jake (it was a small subset of the usual Tuesday night happy hour group) and then to D-I-K bar, where I had a (not surprisingly) particularly shitty time. Then I grocery shopped and came out and just died in bed -- but only after eating some junk food.

I feel blobbish, especially after all that damn sitting and not leaving the apartment yesterday. I'm also worried I'm ticking back up on my weight (see previous entry).

It used to be like that every day at the Japanese Turkey Farm (link NOT provided) in Bethesda when I was doing regular and then 1099 work for them. It was a nightmare. Wall-P was thrilled that I was trapped there while he was collecting $10,000 paychecks every two weeks for, well, nothing except being a tool of corporate oligarchy. But at least he has She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed.

Wall-P at his wedding to She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. He was thinking of his accelerated depreciations and capital gains tax write-offs at that moment, not to mention client synergies and legal filings. She was thinking of her TOTAL TRIUMPH at that moment.


Anyway, I plan to go to the gym tonight.

OK, that's all for now. I intend to update the blog tonight, but writing these entries is always so agonizing, especially when I try anything thematic -- weather, political, or any other matter.

One entry in particular that I need to write is to note that the Oscars are coming up -- another Sunday night spectacle for me to avoid -- and what means for M. WADE Tipamillyun. For him, it's Christmas, New Years, his birthday, and a trip to Alexandria to buy a new BMW followed by a shopping jaunt at Tysons II all rolled up into one big NoVa-DC bourgeois ball of American cultural non-exceptionalism.

"Quack ... Quack ... Like, oh, my Gahwd, I can't wait ... Quack ... Quack ... Quack ... "


OK, I'm done. Time to get this flippin' day started.


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