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Love and Oligarchy, American-Style Saturday -OR- Stupor-Bowl Political Commentary and Weather Discussion

**This entry was posted February 1, 2014**

The story of how this little guy -- a Northern Hawk owl -- was rescued and saved by a man named Pentti Taskinen kayaking on Finland's Lake Tuusula is here.


I'm posting this entry before my regular jukebox Saturday night entry. I'm in a very foul mood right now for a variety of reasons, and this hodge-podge entry reflects that.

I'm home on this Saturday evening upset that I did NOT make it to the gym (Anthony Bowen YMCA) this afternoon. I was too flippin' hung over from last night, not to mention quite tired from a sleep deficit, and I didn't finally get out of bed until quarter of four in the afternoon. The gym closes at 630PM, so it wasn't even worth trying to get ready. (I did go to the National Capital YMCA last night and swim for an hour in the big pool.)

I'll go tomorrow, since it is open until 8PM, though I'll try to be there between 4 and 7PM. My plan is to have dinner with Wendy tomorrow night -- I'm thinking of 1905 (so named because it is at 1905 9th Street NW). I really like that place, especially because there are NO TELEVISIONS.

Somehow this image seemed appropriate.

To clarify, my main goal for tomorrow is to AVOID the Super Bowl Sh!tter Bowl entirely. At this point we must be up to the agony of Sh!tter Bowl XCCCLLDDLCXVIXXXXXIII, or something like that.

Yes, I realize I could just stay home.

I HATE American football. I REALLY HATE American professional football and the ever-metastasizing, mega-billion dollar, corporate all-devouring, televised entertainment leviathan that it is. I hate how American professional football, and the Sh!tter Bowl in particular, PRETENDS to unify us -- both oligarchical overclass and unemployable quasi-proletariat underclass, and those in between living in their suburban purgatories.

Oh, and screw the commercials and the prima facie comical way that this is supposed to "bring us together" by entertaining us. I really hate that particular bit of American pop-cultural nonsense.

We get it -- bread and circuses, American-oligarchy style.

Wait, where was I?

Oh, yes, so I got too damn drunk last night because I went to The Saloon on U Street -- a place that, despite its name, is really more of a little pub, and is owned and run by a local legend, and which has also has no televisions (part of the owner's complex set of arcane but actually refreshing rules by which he runs that establishment). Specifically, I had some "moonshine" that the owner made and then went to Nellie's, and had a few more drinks and was quite torn up.

The bar at the Post Pub, Washington, D.C., 9:22PM January 30, 2014. I stopped by there on Thursday evening.


Anyway, I'll go to the gym tomorrow. That's my plan. As it is, all I've done with this gym regimen is substitute being a flabby little leprechaun for a weird looking thin leprechaun. I was never really good looking, though I had my youth. Now I just look ashen and weird.


As it is, God Demiurge would be thrilled if I put back on the 40 pounds and then maybe another 40 pounds. Then I'd look like a walrus trying to belly flop down a beach, or to my nearest Walmart to buy a 10 bag of potato chips and some Chinese-made toxic junk.

"Hi there. Pimp me out as your moral gigolo. No overclass justification too unreasonable."

Where's Sebastian Mallaby to explain to us from First Free Trade Principles why this is The Best of All Possible Worlds, Detroit-Style?? And then bring in Benjamin Wittes to tell us about "the hard choices" that poor people have to make.

"My focus remains on Monica's Dress and why Ken Starr is my North Star."

But don't worry, Uncle Ben, you don't have to talk to that ol' meanie Glenn Greenwood. He said mean things about you, and therefore you don't have to talk to him at the next Brookings event where the superrich and their tools talk about "what needs to be done" to make the world safe for corporate oligarchy.

Fred Hiatt's neocon stable really is a sight to behold. All we need is the Great and Mysterious Martha "M.J." McAteer to return in her letters editor Gate-Keeping capacity to ensure that only Washington Consensus-approved voices are heard in the pages of The WaHoPo, that flag and rag of The Empire & Its Oligarchy.

"Pay no attention to the letters editor behind that pay wall curtain!"

What we really need is (as Jonathan Chait humorously suggested in this piece) a Bowles-Simpson (or is it Simpson-Bowles?) Commission to guide us in all our life decisions and to provide nonsensical answers to actual problems. Ruth "Mother" Marcus would get all tingly all over when she heard that.

By the way, I do want to call attention to this great Jonathan Chait piece (link embedded): Wall Street Journal: Okay, Obama Isn't Hitler, But He's Pretty Hitler-y.

The piece is about how the paranoid lunatics on the Wall $treet Journal editorial board -- at once the quintessential embodiment of the American Corporate Oligarchical Overclass and GOP booby hatch -- wrote an unsigned house editorial defending Tom Perkins' garbage about how anybody who criticizes the overclass of financiers and gangster- banksters is just like Hitler and the Kristallnacht pogram.


"The Journal's editorial underscores that the widespread mockery of Perkins, far from piling on a bewildered plutocrat, actually understates the broader problem. Perkins's letter provided a peek into the fantasy world of the right-wing one percent, in which fantasies of an incipient Hitler-esque terror are just slightly beyond the norm. The Journal editorial defines persecution of the one percent as the existence of public disagreement. Liberals are mocking Perkins, therefore Perkins is basically right. For Perkins to be wrong -- for the rich to enjoy the level of deference the Journal deems appropriate -- a billionaire could compare his plight to the victims of the Holocaust and nobody would make fun of him at all."

Paul Krugman mentioned this piece in his blog entry on the topic. (Read this Krugman entry two: Macroeconomic Populism Returns.)

Oh, and check out this funny Chait piece (again, link embedded): Washington Redskins Hire All-Star Team of Villains.

"I just pooped out another $100 bill."

But at least Jamie Dimon got another obscene pay raise from the same tiny gang of billionaire oligarchs that set each others' salaries. This increase was for, I guess, narrowly escaping multiple criminal indictments? It really is a type of mafia, isn't it?

"I choose the libertarian delight buffet of all the working people poor you can eat." 

But in Frank Luntz's world, this is just dandy. You see, in the libertarian utopia of this sweaty 800-pound water buffalo in $1,000 sneakers, the highest and most moral of ideals, the penultimate of ethical behavior, is watching a neighbor's house burn down (and presumably your neighbor dying) because there are no taxes to pay for a fire department, and the neighbor failed to set up his own fire fighting service.

Again, true libertarianism is a morally obscene philosophy. It's basically Marxism inverted on its head -- all value flows not from a the working class while a parasitic capitalist overclass owns the means of production, but instead from a small set of supermen who generate all value while everyone else is the parasite. In short, the ghastly Ayn Rand basically set up an inverted Marxist cult that over half a century later just so happens to suit the needs of today's GOP.

Anyway, is it any wonder that Frank Luntz has never and will never be married?

Finally, I wanted to note this Capital Weather Gang entry featuring an interview of the CEO David Kenny of the worthless Weather Channel. I note it because the corporate claptrap crap that spews from Kenny's mouth ("balance good economics with good value to the customer") underscores how many light years the Weather Channel is from what once its original mission.

Check out what Kenny looks like ...

"I'm helping to realize corporate synergies to increase shareholder value. The weather is incidental to that sacred mission."

He looks like a little American corporate CEO troll-doll. (Maybe you can purchase that model at Walmart?) Only a money-and-power-worshiping Wall-P type character could find this profound and meaningful.

"Eh. Eh. Ehehehe. Kenny is increasing shareholder value. Therefore, by definition, what he does is the most moral, the most ethical, and the most intelligent of choices. Viewers who disagree with this outcome are free to create their own alternatives and the marketplace will choose the best one. Let a 1,000 Weather Channels bloom --"

Oh, shut up, Wall-P. Isn't Staff on Line 1??


Turning to the weather, there are three systems of note that are forecasted to impact the Eastern Seaboard over the next 9 days including a vigorous low pressure on Monday that could bring heavy, wet snow to parts of the Metro D.C. and Baltimore areas (I'm anticipating rain inside the immediate D.C. Bubble).

After that is a mostly / all rain event on Wednesday followed by a major storm next Sunday into Monday that the GFS is having trouble resolving at this point but which seems to involve two lows -- one tracking up the Appalachians and hence rain but then a big coastal low that is quite close to the Delmarva, which would also imply warmer ocean air and rain. (I'm unsure of what the Euro is showing since I don't have access to its detailed info and I have to ask Gary for that).

Sterling (LWX) CWA advisories as of 8:51PM Feb. 1, 2014.


As for Monday's event, there is already a winter storm watch in effect for the counties of northern and central Maryland including Howard and Montgomery for Monday's system but nothing here in the District. This is the kind of event where the rain / snow line is going to undulate right over the immediate area with the actual placement a function of the intensity of precipitation since the boundary layer temps. are marginal (especially given that tomorrow will be near 60F for a high and that kind of warmth ALWAYS plays into a potential snow event the following day since that thermal energy tends to linger).

Rather than going into a lot of detail, I direct you to the Capital Weather Gang's entry on it (link embedded): Highly complex Monday morning forecast, but heavy snow possible in some areas.

The graphical output from of today's 18Z NAM showing 2-meter temperatures, the freezing line, and 12-hour QPF valid at hour 42 / 12Z (7AM EST) Feb. 3, 2014.


There are good reasons it could go either way.

As for next weekend's possible event, below are two images from today's 18Z GFS. I wouldn't ordinarily post these far-off (over one week out) "fantasy panels" that show chimerical storms that never materialize. However, the GFS has been insistent on a major storm next weekend for a number of runs now.

Today's 18Z GFS showing 850mb temperatures, MSLP, and 6-hour precipitation valid at hour 192 / 18Z (1PM EST) Feb. 9, 2014.


Today's 18Z GFS showing 850mb temperatures, MSLP, and 6-hour precipitation valid at hour 204 / 06Z (1AM EST) Feb. 10, 2014.


OK, that's all for now. I think I've gotten most of the vituperation out of me. I have finished doing two loads of laundry, and I'm feeling a bit better as I am freshly shaven / showered / dressed and took the last of the 800mg Ibuprofen pills I had from last September when I had that infernal crown extracted. I would have been dead by now via a fatal abscess but for that.

The Me-TV Sci-Fi Saturday Night line up is on.

One more entry to follow.


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