Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just No Time for Blogging (at Least This Week)

The U.S. Capitol bathed in the light of the setting Sun with a slushy pool in front of it, as photographed by CWG photographer Kevin Ambrose and appearing in this entry.


I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I was in the process of writing a detailed entry about our winter season including D.C. snowfall facts and figures, the Arctic Oscillation and the polar vortex (it may visit again next week), and some related media/political topics.

However, I once again just flippin' ran out of flippin' time to do so.

It's already 1:30AM as I write this and the goddamn entry wouldn't be done until AT LEAST 3AM, which I simply cannot do. I do work. More generally, I just lack the time to update this blog these days. It's literally a part-time job to post a full entry. The entries are too unwieldy with too many topics. Finding enough images and formatting both also take far too long.

Anyway, I'll try to post my planned entry tomorrow and the Buffalo / Niagara Falls pictures (now nearly a month old) this coming weekend. I'm not going to the gym tomorrow or Friday (I've been for four of the past five days), though I am planning on stopping by my usual Thursday night place.

I've been quite busy at work on the Hawaii project -- more references. And apparently three task leads are vying for my technical editing / writing time next week. I guess that's good.

OK, I'm signing out now.


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