Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry for Feb. 15th, 2014 "The Nothing Special Tonight" Edition

"I Know Why (And So Do You)" by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra with the Modernaires (1941).

The video is from the great movie "Sun Valley Serenade," which is where the song debuted.

The singer is Paula Kelly, who had just replaced Marion Hutton as the Modernaires female singer. (Of note, this Paula Kelly should not be confused with the actress Paula Kelly who appeared in both Sanford & Son and The Golden Girls.)


I'm home right now watching the Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup on Me-TV. Wonder Woman on her show was busy fighting Nazis in D.C. and off the Virginia coastline -- except it looked like the California coastline -- to keep them from flooding the world with fake $2 bills. (FYI: The CPI calculator on the BLS site indicates $2 in 1942 has a comparable value of $28.58 in 2013.)The Star Trek: TOS episode was the weird episode "Return to Tomorrow." The episode featured Diana Muldaur, who later played on Star Trek: TNG as the Chief Medical Officer before being replaced by Gates McFadden. The Svengoolie-hosted monster movie is She-Wolf of London (starring June Lockhart!). BTW, there is no actual werewolf or she-wolf in the movie. Oh, and June Lockhart is still alive (she's 88).

Instrumental version of "Oh Girl" by Warren Hill from his release "Love Songs" (2002).

"Oh Girl" was originally written and performed by The Chi-Lites and appeared on the group's A Lonely Man album (1972).


It is a cold and blustery night with temps falling into the lower 20s F and a gusty NW breeze. There was some light snow earlier. I should update my previous entry for the final airport amounts. Of note, KDCA did not reach the 15.4 inch total for the season (it's presently at 15.2 inches, and if it doesn't snow again this season, D.C. will actually manage to end up below normal for the season). A significant warm up is forecasted by next Friday.

And now for something more Saturday night upbeat ...

"Love on Top" by Beyoncé from her release 4 (2011)

BTW, every time I see Beyoncé, I think of those HILARIOUS MADtv parodies that Debra Wilson did of her back in the early 2000s. She was so spot capturing the camera-hog and super diva nature of Beyoncé back in her Destiny's Child days.

Ha ha

This is the MADtv clip featuring a parody of Destiny Child's version of the song "Emotion" and a "Message for the Troops."


OK, that's all for now. I have finished my laundry and already had dinner (rather than eating out, as I usually do on Saturday nights). I guess I'll go to No. 9 and maybe Nellie's. Per my previous entry, though, I'm not feeling adventurous about walks on dark streets (such as up Vermont Avenue, even though that's a significantly shorter way).


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