Friday, February 21, 2014

A Quick Friday Night Update -OR- A Good Week, But Still No Time To Blog

NOAA GOES East visible satellite image at 12:45PM EST Feb. 21, 2014 showing a complex storm system -- a Texas hooker -- with occluding frontal system over the Eastern U.S. Picture from this CWG entry.


Many, many, many apologies for the lack of updates. As I wrote, it has been a difficult week for posting entries. By contrast, it was actually a very good week both work-wise, gym-wise, and just life-wise.

I had a quick happy hour with Andrea at Cuba Libre and then came home, but not before stopping at the Best DC Supermarket, where I met Chris H. by chance. I showed him my apartment for a few minutes and we talked. Oh, and he got to meet Flippo. Now I am heading back out to meet Wendy at Eatonville for dinner.

I intend to post a Saturday night musical entry tomorrow night and then a regular entry on Sunday (the one I intended to post the other day).

Weather-wise, the polar vortex is expected to make a revisit next week to eastern North America. As for today, a broken squall line passed through the area and there was even a tornado watch in effect for a period of time.

OK, I need to go now.


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