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My Snowy Day and Night in Washington, D.C. - A Photo-Essay Recap

The 1400 block of W Street NW, Washington, D.C., on a snowy afternoon, 3:28PM January 21, 2014.

I was walking to the Anthony Bowen YMCA near where I live in the 1400 block of W Street. About that block, I may have overstated the case in this entry. Of note, there is a historic home on this street at 1421: The Mary Ann Shadd Cary House. As for Mary Ann Shadd Cary, her life is quite amazing.

Indeed, here is a picture of the Mary Ann Shadd Cary House -- complete with rainbow flag adorning the front exterior -- that I took on my way to the Anthony Bowen YMCA on Jan. 11, 2014.



OK, I have some nice pictures -- at least by the standards of my crummy cellphone camera -- of today's snow including in the burst of heavy snowfall tonight that added 1 to 2 inches right here in the District. They are posted more or less in chronological order along with a few other images in this entry.

The Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) totals through 11:37PM January 21, 2014.

Snow totals ranged from as little as under 1" around Charlottesville, Va., to 11.2" near Scarboro (Harford County), Md., with 4 to 8 inches quite common around the Metro D.C. and Baltimore areas, which was pretty much in line with what was forecasted. In D.C. proper, there was on average between 4" and 6" of snow. Naturally, KDCA came, where the "official" snowboard doubles as a hotplate, came in low.


The view of New Hampshire Avenue from 15th Street NW including Wakefield Hall, Washington, D.C., 3:27PM January 21, 2014.

Oh, yes, I made a slight error in this entry -- the building is called (the) Wakefield Hall, not (the) Wakefield.


I'm guessing KDCA had between 3.2 and 4.5 inches of snow recorded by the end of the burst of heavy snowfall between 7PM and 9PM, but that "official Washington, D.C." number has yet to be released) versus even the other climate stations (7.1" at KIAD and 4.1" at KBWI prior to the nighttime heavy burst), but at least that ridiculous "less than 2 inches of snowfall" record-setting stretching back to Jan. 26, 2011 was finally broken. (It was 2.9" as of 7PM EST.)

OFFICIALLY, that is.

The southeast corner of Meridian Hill (not Malcolm X) Park as seen from the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and 15th Street by W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:27PM January 21, 2014.


Updated (prior to posting the entry) with the climate station totals for Jan. 21st and event total (less perhaps an additional tiny fractional measurable amount):

KDCA: 3.8" (Daily Record)
KBWI: 5.1" (Daily Record)
KIAD: 8.5" (Daily Record)

Of note, central and southern New Jersey -- especially the coastal areas (the Jersey shore!), including my old homestead area of Monmouth County around Long Branch -- has had 12" so far and storm totals may in places approach 24" of snow. Meanwhile, Sussex County has only had a few inches of snowfall.


A wooden deck in the small backyard of the house at the corner of 15th and W Streets NW on a soft, snowy night with St. Augustine Catholic Church rising up in the near distance, Washington, D.C., 5:50PM January 21, 2014.


As for the "day off" due to the snow, it was not for me because I could not charge the time that way but had to bill to my regular billable task this month, and I only got in half a day. This means I have to use 4 hours of my own leave time. Boo. I could have worked a full day, but instead of working a full day, I just went to the gym.

The 1900 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 6:47PM January 21, 2014.


Actually, I'm quite glad I did that because my workout did me a world of good. It included another nearly hour jog, a half hour of weight-lifting (mostly light-to-moderate on the machines), and only 15 minutes of swimming (rather than half hour). I was on a compressed timetable because the gym -- Anthony Bowen YMCA -- was closing at 6PM and the pool closes at 530PM.

The 1800 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW (where I once lived in the Harrowgate), Washington, D.C., 6:50PM January 21, 2014.


Thereafter, I came home, had a bit of dinner, and then went back out even as it was snowing heavily. It was exceptionally pretty with the nighttime snow. I went to Dupont Italian Kitchen (D-I-K) bar, where Chris H. was working. JC was there and he was HILARIOUS in his conversation. I wish I could tape record him and then just transcribe it as a character in that novel that I someday intend to write.

Snowy intersection of 17th and S Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 6:53PM January 21, 2014.


Tonight JC started out with why he doesn't like black gay porn (JC is black), specifically, "N'a Avenga 5" (ha ha) that is set in a prison and involves inmates in do-rags, boots, saying the N-word, and using cigarette butts. I can't even begin to repeat what he said or how he said it. At one point, he said (paraphrasing), "I'm a BLACK man, I gotta one in three chance of goin' to prison anyway, so why would I find that movie exciting??"

Snowy night looking east down the 1600 block of Riggs Place NW (located between R and S Streets NW), Washington, D.C., 6:54PM January 21, 2014.

If these orange sodium-mercury vapor lamps are ever replaced by the cooler bluish-white of the LED street lights, this kind of golden soft glow on a snowy city night will vanish.


Now the weather is set to be bitterly cold for the next few days -- highs of 13F to 21F in D.C. proper with lows as low as 6F even in the city, maybe down to near 0F in the close-in suburbs (especially with the snow on the ground). Oh, and windy. And this cold outburst is forecasted to last a number of days. Indeed, most of the next 10 days are going to be below-to-well below normal.

Snowy night in the 1700 block of R Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:22PM January 21, 2014.


This raises another topic: The trip to Buffalo and Niagara Falls with Gary is still on for Friday - Monday, and I'm a bit apprehensive given how extreme the weather is forecasted to be with bitterly cold temperatures and potentially more than just "late season" minor-to-moderate lake effect snows. Friday night into Saturday in particular may feature heavy snowfall and quite cold temperatures (highs around 20F and lows around 8F). (Lake Erie is nearly entire frozen on the surface, a fact that cuts off the lake effect machine.)

Screenshot of the NWS forecast for Buffalo, N.Y., with icons and text for the period Jan. 21 - 23 (24 in the text), 2014.


I'm really going to be dependent on Gary on this trip since he is renting and driving the vehicle. The whole purpose of this trip was to see snow, and that we shall.

Oh, yes, when I told JC about the trip to Buffalo / Niagara Falls, he asked if I were going over the falls in a barrel.

"I couldn't find the right barrel," I said.

"Then, you need to go to," he immediately replied.

Ha ha

Snowy night outside Larry's Lounge near the corner of 18th and T Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 8:26PM January 21, 2014.


Thereafter, I went to Larry's Lounge -- where last night was quite a sh!t show and not in a good way. I met Gary, who had been there for about an hour and a half. I couldn't pull myself away from D-I-K bar. We had a nice conversation and the place was busy and festive. Tonight was a good night there. We left around 10PM, and that brings me to the here and now.

I'm signing off right now, although I do want to note this wonderful Paul Krugman blog entry "The Washington Post is De-Kleining" commenting on the departure of Ezra Klein from The Washington Post's online Wonk Blog site, and why that is so bad for the Post with its "views differ on shape of planet" false equivalency. Also, his  regular NYT Monday column "The Undeserving Rich" is totally worth a read.

Fred Hiatt will probably unleash Ruth "Mother" Marcus on him in a "strongly written" op-ed that accuses of him of being "shrill" and, gasp, "partisan."

This Krugman column prompted a funny blog entry by the great Jonathan Chait (link embedded): "Today in 'Paul Krugman Is Definitely Not Arguing With David Brooks'".

A final picture of Wakefield Hall here in Washington, D.C., that I took on January 18, 2014 at sunset.


OK, that really is all for now. My next update may not be until Thursday night, although I will update this entry with the regional climate station snowfall totals for Jan. 21st.


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