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The Eternal Verities: D.C. Big Snow Dreaming, American Big Pharma Racketeering, & Florida Big Sugar Money Laundering

UPDATED 12/10/2013 9:34AM: See below

The Sterling (LWX) main webpage showing the county warning area (CWA) advisories map as of 1:14AM December 10, 2013. The deep pink areas are the winter storm warnings while the light purple are winter weather advisories.


OK, it's already 1:08AM as I start this entry, and so therefore, I am NOT going to start it. Rather, I just want to note that there is a winter storm warning in effect for the immediate D.C. Metro area, and its along a line from around Staunton northeastward all the way to the Philadelphia metro area and including the Baltimore area.

The Capital Weather Gang (CWG) zone-based snow / sleet accumulation probability map for the Sterling (LWX) CWA for December 10, 2013 issued on December 9, 2013.


Snowfall totals of 3 to 6 inches are forecasted -- except this anticipated to be a rather dynamic system with mesoscale banding features, combined with liquid equivalents of 1/2" to 3/4" totals, suggest that 4 to 8 inches is quite possible with some select areas potentially receiving 10+ inches. Beyond this area is a broader winter weather advisory.

The LWX CWA snowfall map auto-generated at 9:44PM December 9, 2013 through 8PM EST December 10, 2013.

This map, which in the previous three snow-bust winters was regularly prominently figured, is now actually hidden nowadays on the LWX site -- you need to go to the "Winter Weather" page, and to get a larger version on the "Winter Storm" page, use Chrome (my Internet Explorer couldn't link to the larger version).


Having said all of this, I don't want to jump the gun on the event. I will note, though, that the NAM model has been very consistent on this -- and accurate of late -- while the other models ranging from the GFS to the Euro have all "bought in" on this to varying degrees (GFS more, Euro less).

The Capital Weather Gang initially tried to play this down -- at least Jason Samenow did, once again criticizing the LWX for its initial winter storm watch that was subsequently downgraded to a winter weather advisory (the winter storm warning for our immediate area came later). (I really don't like when CWG criticizes LWX's weather advisory judgments.) But this was followed by a comprehensive and even-handed entry by Wes Junker (and Jason Samenow). But at this point, CWG too has come around.

Oddly enough, there is lingering moisture from the previous system that never was scoured out and tonight is actually foggy -- indeed, freezing fog around Dulles (KIAD).

OK, that's all for right now.

UPDATED 9:34AM 12/10/2013: OK, as far as I'm concerned, this has turned into a semi-bust. The snow is light and wimpy, and the radar is so underwhelming.

The radar looked impressive about 630AM when I got up for a bit -- and outside things started with a burst of heavy sleet mixed with snow. But at this point, it just looks kinda like a bust. The winter storm warning was also dropped for a winter weather advisory in D.C. proper. Having said all that, the Federal Government is shut, and I can go back to bed for a few hours and continue with that really weird dream I was having.

It involved my late paternal grandparents and other family relations and having to stay in a motel with all of them, something I really did not want to do. We had been forced to leave the house we were in due to the collapse of the kitchen ceiling onto a small circular dinner table. In looking for a place to stay, I suddenly met my (likely lesbian) second cousin who now lives in Las Vegas (that part of the family moved there many years ago). I was thrilled to see her -- and offered her a reasonable deal -- but she turned it down and tried to price gouge me to stay at her old house in Little Silver, N.J. (which, incidentally, actually no longer exists). In the dream, though, I was at that huge green house on Morford Avenue in Long Branch where the Acerra clan mostly grew up.

End of update.


Oh, yes, please read this piece entitled "Tea Party Representative Supports Wasteful Government Program, Because YOHO" by Jonathan Chait with its links to two Washington Post articles that demonstrate how f!cked up is our deeply corrupted and compromised American political system.

One article discusses how this sick system allows Big Pharma companies to steal billions in the name of "the Free Market" for obscenely overpriced drugs, and it cites the case of Genentech's taxpayer-financed, cash-generating racket in the form of drug Lucentis, which Medicare is forced to cover at $2,000 per dose rather than requiring use of the equally useful Avastin at $50 per dose. (And it's all done while amoral, whack-a-doodle libertarians expect dying people to "negotiate" this or that price, presumably with the intention of having them die in some Ayn Rand "├╝bermensch" run concentration camp.)


The second ones is about how this farcically corrupt system allows the Big Sugar Cartel's mega-billion dollar racket to keep going decade after decade uninterrupted and in bipartisan fashion. Meanwhile, Big Sugar uses quasi-slave labor at its Everglades ecosystem-destroying plantations.

From a comprehensive March 2010 New York Times article on the Everglades restoration efforts and the role of Big Sugar, link here.


Big Sugar.

It sounds like a drag queen act. The Brothers Fanjul.

Keep in mind that the massive quantities of money Big Sugar pumps through the political system -- for a product we have FAR too much of and (for the quantities we need) could be grown much more cheaply in developing nations, where it could actually do some economic good as a commodity -- is basically a form of money laundering.

Not to worry, though: Tony "Three Fingers" Scalia and George Will think this is "Corporations Are People" American Utopia. Let's ask Benjamin "The Hard Choices" Wittes to see what he thinks.

Lake Okeechobee (a.k.a., "the liquid heart" of South Florida). Image by Carlton Ward, February 16, 2012, source here.


As it is, I'm sure The Washington Post Editorial Board / Washington Consensus -- not to mention Wall-P, i.e., Shitty Pill -- are all deeply impressed by the ability of corporate oligarchs to f!ck up everything and rake billions of taxpayer money in the name of "the Free Market."

But I don't want to be negative. OK, that's all for now.

I'll update this blog tomorrow depending on whether the would-be snow event is on target, a blockbuster, or a bust.


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