Friday, November 15, 2013

Not a Friday Night Wake -OR- Darrold Hunt, Just Stay Beautiful ...

Aerial view of Wake Island taken on July 22, 2009. It comes from the Wikipedia article about Wake Island, which is rather fascinating.


This evening was held the wake for Darrold Hunt at the Church of the Holy City / National Swedenborgian Church /nearby on 16th Street. It was led by Darrold's brother, the Rev. Errol E. Hunt Sr., who along with other members of the Hunt family including his sister Deborah (Hunt) Carruthers came to D.C. for the event. The brother came from Rochester, N.Y., and the sister from the Chicago area. It was an interesting and eclectic mix of Darrold's family and his D.C. friends. The "Amazing Grace" solo, of course, got to me.

His niece, who is a minster at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Rockville, Md., gave the eulogy. I spoke to her after the service and she said she'd send me a copy of the eulogy.

My purpose in this is to post a complete entry dedicated to Darrold and his memory -- and add some important details that were missing in my entry one week ago shortly after he died. That entry lacked the full context of his life because I only knew a sliver of his life toward the end. There were many details of his life and his passion for music that I failed to include.

Also, I had forgotten some important stories of Darrold's life and key aspects of his gentle, engaging, always-embracing character.

A case in point is how he met both President Clinton AND Nelson Mandela at the White House once, probably at this 1994 visit -- and how he always said "Stay Beautiful" as part of his goodbye.

You stay beautiful, too, Darrold.

Some of the 70 or so people who showed went right over Larry's Lounge, which I did as well with Kristof. I even carried the three large poster pictures that were at the service.However, the place was already mobbed and I couldn't easily get to the bar, plus I needed to eat dinner and didn't want to spend a lot at a restaurant, so I came home to make dinner.

In addition, I just didn't feel like sitting with the large group outside that had been at the service.

Now I am going back out -- both to go back to Larry's Lounge and over to D-I-K downstairs bar where Chris H. is working.

I intend to go to the gym tomorrow followed by posting a "jukebox Saturday night" entry early -- as I am supposed to go to Medieval Madness in Old Town Alexandria with Andrea & Co.



IJ said...

Thanks for your post on Darrold. He was always striving. God rest his soul.

A Dog & Company said...

It's Darrold's first anniversary and I only found out recently that he had passed. "This number is no longer in service". We were an item for a year about thirty years ago and had drifted apart . . he didn't seem to visit New York and I never came to Washington. Remorse is pointless but I wish we had kept closer, as you get older, your ex's are often your best friends. Thank you for the great tributes you paid him. Yes indeed, he was a wonderful man.

Regulus said...

Thank you for sharing your memory of Darrold. If it makes you feel any better, the Darrold I knew was one of the most gentle and guileless souls I have ever met. He really only saw the good in people and did not regret situations or people from his past. In this way, he only remembered you fondly.