Monday, November 11, 2013

M-WADE Speaks (and I'm, like, Whatevah)

Updated 6:40PM 11/11/2013 and 8:18AM 11/17/2013: See below.


I tried to follow this interminable 6+ minute video, but I couldn't. I can't even make out what the hell he's talking about.

UPDATED 8:18AM 11/17/2013: This is a YouTube screenshot -- not the actual video -- because, as I figured, the YouTube clip was removed, or rather, it was made "private" and thus not viewable. Regardless, from before ...

"Like, oh my Gahwd! So, like, this past summah, like, I went to Floridah and Ahnnapolis! And I'm, like, whatevah! How do you people live there?? And then I went jet-skiing and swam with some seals. Well, actually, I just ate a fried fish sandwich at Arthur Treacher's and gave my dog a bath."

He really is an odd duck. And as for that voice -- he always sounds like he just did a huge drag on a cigarette and has a nose full of smoke.

I have a feeling this YouTube clip will vanish quite quickly.


Anyway, it's nearly 7AM and I'm having trouble sleeping. I need to go to the gym this Monday (which I have off for the Veterans Day Federal holiday). I think I put on 10 pounds this weekend and that's not good. I feet hugely fat.  Oh, yes, I need to get my bicycle from LL tomorrow. It was taken from me before I could ride home. Gary drove me home instead.

Updated 6:40PM 11/11/2013: Actually, my weight had not changed -- it was still in the lower 140s. I had a mostly good gym workout and shortened swim at the Anthony Bowen YMCA, but I still feel very crappy from last night's excesses. Ooohh, and the amount of money I spent. I'm feeling kind of depressed, too. I am going to try to update this blog later tonight but I need, NEED, to be in bed by midnight.


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