Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry - Nov. 9th, 2013 "Love, Dreams, and Cold War" Edition

"Forbidden Love" by Brian Culbertson from his It's On Tonight release (2005)

This is a nice piece.


"Caravan of Dreams" by Peter White, lead song from CD release of same name (2006)

This too is a relaxing, enjoyable piece.


I'll try to post a brief update tomorrow. As for tonight, I'll just do my usual routine, although I may skip Old Ebbitt Grill since I am supposed to go to dinner there with Chris H. on Wednesday.

As for my day, I made it to back to the National Capital YMCA and its reopened swimming (more on that tomorrow). I also got a haircut so my hair is very short again (nearly a buzz cut).

Right now* I'm watching the Sci-Fi Saturday Night line-up on Me TV. The old Star Trek: The Original Series episode was The Doomsday Machine -- the one where this giant planet-destroying machine roaming the galaxy that looks like an elongated conch shell machine must be stopped, and after much too and fro involving the late William Windom, the USS Constellation (another starship just like the USS Enterprise) is sent into it at the end. The ship's impulse engines act as a hydrogen bomb to destroy it -- and the irony was not lost on Capt. Kirk or Mr. Spock in the end. This was very significant for folks in the mid-1960s when the episode first aired. Oh, and the special effects have definitely been amped up on this episode.

Above: The Doomsday Machine, seen sideways for the purpose of this entry.

*Actually, by the time I posted this entry, the Svengoolie-hosted Saturday night monster movie was on: The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942).


And let's end with something more Saturday night upbeat ...

"Go West" by Pet Shop Boys from the group's Very album (1993)

The song was originally written and released by the Village People (go figure) in 1979 but was redone by the Pet Shop boys in 1993.

I love the Soviet utopia that wasn't and the singing chocolate black lady Statue of Liberty. Of note, I posted this video nearly 5 years ago to the day and three, no, four quick items:

1. Mike G -- You commented on it then. What do you think now?
2. Looking at other entries from back then, God, I was fat.
3. The YouTube video from that entry is, amazingly, still up.
4. God, I was fat.


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