Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Archie Bunker on Graduate School Fellowships and My Brief Late Night Post-Gym Update

I'm home at this late hour having just made dinner and watching TV. It's the usual Antenna TV lineup. I got home early enough to catch the second episode of All in the Family ("Mike's Graduation").The ending is hysterical -- when Archie finds out that Mike will be staying in school an extra year on a fellowship to get a masters degree rather than (as Archie desperately wants) getting a job and moving out. Archie's flip out is epic. It's starts about a minute before the YouTube clip (which is the full episode) below ends.

"OHH!! Dat's what a FELLOWSHIP means! He's STAYIN' ON at school! DAT'S A FELLOWSHIP, HUH?! OH, A FELLOWSHIP, HUH?! A FELLUUHHWSHIP!! Well, I think I know what I better do ... I better go out on Lawng Island and get myself a FELLOOOHSHIP at a FUNNY FARM! I'll be out der' like CRAZY LOOUIE livin' in a pasture! [pretending to fire a machine gun] 'THE JAPS ARE COMIN'! THE JAPS ARE COMIN'! THE JAPS ARE COMIN'!'"

Ha ha

Here is the full episode on YouTube. I can't guarantee how long it will remain on the internet. The scene in question starts near the very end -- around 22:25 and really gets going at 23:20.


Now Maude is on as I post this. See previous entry on this topic. Bea Arthur was hysterical.

I had a good gym work out -- all that is except for the pool part. I only swam for about ten minutes as the pool was a bit chilly, or at least I was feeling chilly at that point. I was going to go tonight to the YMCA National Capital with its large pool but ended up at the YMCA Anthony Bowen with its small-to-medium-sized pool. Otherwise, the workout was good -- hour jog and hour weight-lifting. Furthermore, my gym nights are always much more enjoyable than my going out ones, especially during the week.

Yours truly in two "selfies" ...

Yours truly seen in the bathroom mirror in my little apt., Washington, D.C., 10:19PM Nov. 20, 2013.

On the left side little cup-and-toothbrush holder are two toothbrushes and on the right side cup-and-toothbrush holder is the oversized Hungry, Hungry Hippos "keychain" that my late blogger buddy Bryan Haberstick gave me as part of a Hungry, Hungry Hippos gift dump including full-sized board game, small-sized board game, and this key chain. I'm not sure why I have this absurdly oversized keychain in the bathroom.


Yours truly seen in the bathroom mirror in my little apt., Washington, D.C., 10:46PM Nov. 20, 2013.


The treadmill stint is broken up first by my looking at my Statcounter hits (you can go online on the treadmill) and then doing a scenic jog -- I have done the North and South Islands of New Zealand, specifically, various national parks and picturesque places. The latter features mores strenuous climbs than the former.

Oparara Arch in New Zealand's Kahurangi National Park as seen in a photo dated 6/25/2011 from Panoramio by plgrenon.

I intend to post a subsequent entry tonight because there are other things I want to relate. HOWEVER, I cannot let the entry get too lengthy or complex / convoluted, which is always a big possibility when I post an entry.

As it is, there are links / excerpts of pieces by Paul Krugman, David Sirota, and Alex Pareene that I want to post along with commentary about the awfulness of the mainstream media and the Washington Consensus / WaHoPo editorial and op-ed stable crowd -- in other words, the usual stuff.


It's a cold, blustery night with temps already nearing freezing even in D.C. proper / KDCA. I'm told by Gary that there may be a nor'easter next weekend. I haven't looked at any of the models and probably won't until the weekend.


P.S. At this point, I'm unlikely to post another entry tonight. That said, I'll just mention the weirdest part of my day:

Contacting a Metrorail train operator on the Red Line via the emergency intercom to tell him that the doors in car 1154 had not opened through two stops. "Roger that. There's a technician there," he said, and someone immediately entered the car from the next one, opened the operator control area inside the bulkhead, and pushed a button, whereupon the doors all opened at to Woodley Park. I was heading back from a late afternoon visit to the dermatologist in Chevy Chase.

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