Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunlight and Shadows of this September Season

**This entry was posted on September 14, 2013**

View at cobalt blue dusk from my 5th floor apartment in the Hampton Courts at New Hampshire Avenue near U and 16th Streets NW looking west and southwest, Washington, D.C., 7:44PM September 13, 2013.

It was a breezy cool and very pleasant night, though I wish we had had more rainfall with the frontal passage the previous day.


Sa-Sa-Sa-Saturday Night (yes, it's a nod to this group's song). This entry features some pictures I took over the past couple days. I will try to get the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware / Jersey shore seashore pictures posted tomorrow, or at least a subset of them (which may be all I ever get posted).

American flag atop a flagpole blowing in a breeze on L'Enfant Promenade under a fair-weather cumulus-fleeced sky on a pleasant day on Washington, D.C., 2:07PM September 13, 2013.


I'm home after a good gym workout -- full 5 mile / 700 calorie jog that climbed the equivalent of 913 feet (I've yet to get back to the 1,000+ foot climbs post dental issues); approx. 1 hour of light-to-moderate weightlifting, and a half hour swim in the pool all at the YMCA National Capital. I was going to go to Trio for dinner but I think I'll just cook some food at home.

This is a cropped image taken from the DOE cafeteria -- the far corner of it -- looking outside the large wall windows and one of the elevated windows that acts as a skylight. That little triangular thing poking up in the main window is, yes, the top of the Washington Monument, or rather, the scrim-lined scaffolding that presently encases it. From the DOE cafeteria, you can see the top quarter or so of the Washington Monument poking up above the nearby USDA HQ building.

The Forrestal Building is a ghastly modernist structure but the cafeteria has kind of an interesting design and layout as a result. This was at 2:22PM September 13, 2013. I don't eat in there everyday, but when I do, I like to sit in this far southwestern corner of it behind a large pillar.


I'm doing my laundry while watching the MeTV Saturday night line up: "Lost in Space" (which was more than a little scary with heavy topics for a show of that time*) followed by the incomparable "Star Trek" (Original Series!) and then Svengoolie (YAY!) hosting the 1943 movie version of "Phantom of the Opera."

Another view from the "hidden" corner of the DOE cafeteria in the Forrestal HQ building, Washington, D.C., 2:26PM September 13, 2013.

This is my favorite spot, especially on a Friday afternoon ahead of the weekend.


*For instance, in the episode tonight ("The Keeper"), we have a sort of sociopathic alien seeking to take the two children (Will and Penny) for his human specimen "collection" in exchange for the letting the cowardly, manipulative, and basically amoral Dr. Smith live; Dr. Smith's predictable complicity in the matter (thus turning on his fellow stranded humans); the parents' (John and Maureen's) instant readiness to sacrifice their own lives to let their children live, and frightful monsters such as a giant hybrid tarantula / moth-like creature that shrieks non-stop, and then it ends with a sort of Absurdist twist: The alien leaves the planet while leaving "the worst" of the monsters behind - except it turns out to be Dr. Smith.

Picturesque stratocumulus clouds in the sky over Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 6:03PM September 13, 2013.


This "Star Trek" episode is a cool one: "The Alternative Factor" involving a crazy man "time traveler" named Lazarus who is actually two people from parallel universes that keep fighting.

My night-out plans include No. 9 and then Nellie's, though AP is taking her cousin and cousin's finance to Town. I may go there, too. Last night I went to, yes, No. 9 and Nellie's. Nellie's bartender Joe is my neighbor -- as in the next-door apartment neighbor.

Another view from my 5th floor in the Hampton Courts, Washington, D.C., 6:59PM September 13, 2013.

As you can see, this picture was taken around sunset. The view is to the southwest and the buildings on the horizon (yes, I know the image is blurry) are actually about 3 miles away in Rosslyn. The new 1812 North Moore Street skyscraper is visible (though not really in this picture due to its low resolution).


[Here I omitted a lengthy discussion about the D.C. gay community and the 17th Street D.C. Gay Mafia of Oooza, Crudstain, and O'Henry (OH, MY!) as it and they relate to the "17th Street Festival" event held today (the fourth one, if memory serves).]

My gums around the area of the extracted tooth (#14) continue to be sore and hurt a bit, esp. when I drink cold liquids. I've been taking the remaining painkillers that I have (i.e., relatively high doses of Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Vicodin).

This is a screenshot from the "Maude" episode "Maude the Boss" that features Herb Edelman -- with whom she would later work (starting 11 years later) in "The Golden Girls" as his ex-wife (Edelman played Stanley Zbornak). This was originally aired Nov. 25, 1974 -- one day before my 5th birthday. It was on Antenna TV last night.


The gap back there is huge -- though, thankfully, out of regular visual sight. But as I explained here, I really had to choice. Whether I eventually get an implant or not -- and whether or not Dr. "Laz's" office staff really is "my family" or I ever see a refund from Dr. Ebbs' operation (unlikely) -- this tooth had to be extracted owing to the repeated periodontal abscesses (for more details, see this entry). As it is, I still have what appears to be a mild sinus infection.

This is a picture of Homestead Farm in Poolesville, Md., taken earlier today, September 14, 2013. My co-worker and friend DD sent this picture to me. DD went there with his wife and two young children. You can see what a lovely day it was.


The weather featured dazzling sunshine in a cloudlessly cerulean blue sky today with highs of 73F at KDCA, 71F at KIAD, and 70F at KBWI and dew points around 43F. Tonight should be (as we last night) distinctly (mid-October like) cool. We continue to be in a very dry pattern -- unlike parts of Colorado, where tremendous flooding has occurred, esp. around Boulder -- with no real change forthcoming.

Some of the apples that DD bought at Homestead Farm in Poolesville, Md., in his house in Rockville, Md. He said he bought 26 pounds of them ...

DD's life is so profoundly different from mine.


I think that's all for now. I intend to post a "jukebox Saturday night" musical entry and then, as noted, update the blog tomorrow, with at least a synopsis of the Rehoboth / Jersey shore pictures from three weeks ago, or at least I'll try to do so.

Oh, yes, before I end, let me link to this sad piece in the Huffington Post about a baby elephant at a zoo in China that appeared to cry for hours after being rejected / attacked by its mother.

The shadow of Yours Truly crossing M Street at 17th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:53PM September 14, 2013. The shadow was being cast to the east "down" M Street by the setting Sun (we are almost at the autumnal equinox so the Sun is setting almost due west). (I had walked from the YMCA a block south to the Bank of America ATM on M Street.)


OK, that really is all for now.


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