Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Morning Update: The Sunday Arlington Autumnal Equinox Bicycle Ride

The Sun shines through a mottled stratocumulus cloud deck as seen from the East Falls Church Metro, Arlington, Va., 4:46PM September 22, 2013.

I tried to get the picture at 4:44PM EDT exactly -- the precise moment of the Northern Hemisphere autumnal equinox / arrival of astronomical fall -- but the train arrival / station exit in a flood of people didn't work out.


This is a quick Monday morning update as I have to get to work shortly. It is the first full day of fall -- which arrived yesterday at 4:44PM EDT -- and the weather is pleasantly cool (highs forecasted to be around 70F today) with partly cloudy skies. No rain is forecasted all week -- the Saturday rain I discussed here was it for the time being, but at least we had about 1" area-wide.

Yesterday (Sunday), I took an approximately 20 mile bike ride yesterday -- mostly on the Virginia side -- that went very well until the very end back in D.C. when I hit the curb too fast at 16th and K Street (owing to how a vehicle was turning) and immediately suffered a front tire puncture. There are one of two bike shops where I can take the bicycle for a repair but probably not until Wednesday (when I get paid -- I'm nearly flat broke until then).

Yours truly by the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Va., 6:12PM September 22, 2013. In all my years in this area, I had never actually gone up to the thing. I approached it from King Street -- walking my bike up a grassy embankment, at one point pulling it up a steep incline.


The bike ride was from East Falls Church Metro where the above picture was taken, down the Four Mile Run and then Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) trail to Shirlington and into Alexandria eventually to Old Town, where I had very nice dinner at Virtue, and then in the increasingly early darkness of late September at night back into D.C. on the Mount Vernon trail.

I took about 20 pics, about a dozen of which I would like to post tonight after I get home from the gym (after work). Of course, I've made so many promises to post entries that I never do on this blog that I don't want to say for sure I will. As I've mentioned, the time I need to post an entry is highly problematic.

The Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) bicycle trail in Arlington, Va., 5:18PM September 22, 2013. It's lined with these big high-tension wire towers that run to a nearby sub-station.


I too my blood pressure reading this morning -- it was somewhat elevated at 136 / 84 with pulse at 73. I've had as low as 128 / 83 with pulse 72 in the past week but this morning's number seems a typical one. I'm supposed to have a follow-up visit to the doctor on Friday evening to discuss this.

The Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Va., 6:00PM September 22, 2013. (That one dark headstone -- with the name "HENRY" (!) on it -- captured my attention. It was for Alexander Henry, though I can't recall the number: somewhere between II and IV.) As for "Ivy Hill," I kept wanting to say "Ivy Mike" -- which is, admittedly, a very weird joke.


Oh, yes, I'm sure this week in the news and commentary is going to be all about impending Federal Gov't shutdowns and/or defaults. How much of it is just GOP theatre and how much is real is unclear -- there certainly are GOP crazies of a very special neo-Confederate sort this day. I mention this because a shutdown would quickly and adversely affect me, and I'm wondering about a 401k loan, which I need to consider. I realize I may be overreacting on this, though.

Again, I'll try to update the blog tonight.


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