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Labor Day Holiday Weekend Pictures While Bicycling and Doing Other Doings

**Updated 12:20AM 6/6/2014: See below.**

A gate and fenced in walkway to an expensive house along Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, Md., 5:19PM September 2, 2013. I think this is 5804 Connecticut Avenue. These large, old houses along Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase are worth $2 to $4 million.


OK, I just want to get this entry out of the way and posted (after having started it two days ago -- I have enough backlogged entries yet to be posted). However, please see my previous entry about my ongoing dental / gum abscess related issues and what I need to do.


My plan is to post some of the pictures I took this weekend including on a bicycle ride on Monday. I intend to post the Rehoboth Beach / Wildwood ones in my next entry. The pictures in this entry are mostly posted chronologically in the order I took them.

This extended holiday weekend featured a lot of bicycle riding including approximately 12 miles on Sunday (to and from Jake and Matt's house in Arlington for a barbecue) and about 16 miles on Monday on a circuitous route up to Silver Spring and over to Friendship Heights and thence into Spring Valley and through Palisades and Georgetown and back into the Dupont Circle area.

Thus, although I did not make it to the gym on Sunday or Monday (it was closed today), I think I still got in some decent exercise. I have a doctor's appointment. on Tuesday after work so that nixes the gym until Wednesday.

Saturday evening / night pictures ...

Dupont Circle central fountain, Washington, D.C., 7:14PM August 31, 2013.


Late on Saturday, I went to Trio (rather than Old Ebbitt Grill) for dinner. It really is peaceful in there (or at least it was until a bunch of drunk and rowdy people showed up, gay and straight, but I was already getting ready to leave at that point). I like the old d├ęcor and love the light jazz music that is played. I always eat inside rather than outdoors. LP also showed up as I was having dinner.

Salmon, broccoli, and mashed potatoes with hollandaise sauce and a glass of white wine, followed by some vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee ... All so very civilized. I had gone to the gym earlier in the day and had a full workout so I felt good having a good meal such as this.

Thereafter, LP and I went to DC9 and then to Nellie's.


The late night inside view at Trio (or "Trio's," as everyone calls it), Washington, D.C., 12:32AM September 1, 2013.

Gum infection issues permitting, I was thinking of going there with Quill on Saturday night (she is supposed to come into the city to visit).


The view upstairs at Nellie's, Washington, D.C., 2:20AM September 1, 2013.



Mostly Sunday Biking Pictures ...

On Sunday, I rode my bike to Jake and Matt's house in Arlington for a BBQ involving AP's group. They live just beyond the Ballston section of Arlington. I rode there via Georgetown (P Street mostly) to the Exorcist Steps and thence over the Key Bridge and then on the Custis Trail most of the way. The trail is rather hilly -- mostly uphill heading west.

Numerous canoeists, kayakers, and boaters on the Potomac River as seen as from the Francis Scott Key Bridge crossing from Washington, D.C., to Virginia, 5:46PM September 1, 2013.

Jack's Boathouse is down there.


Looking down from the top of D.C.'s famous Exorcist Steps, 5:40PM September 1, 2013.


Looking up from the bottom of the Exorcist Steps, Washington, D.C., 5:41PM September 1, 2013. I had to carry the bike down the steps, around other people taking photographs.

I've written about these steps before and their connection to the movie The Exorcist, as well as the background story of the actual event in 1949 that led William Blatty to write his famous book that was turned into the movie. But I also want to mention that MH once wrote a very good piece that appeared in the (Dupont) Current about his purported deep fear of those steps ("Welcome to hell ..." it began).

**Updated 12:20AM 6/6/2014: Content removed.**


Blurry image of the Exit 73 sign on a pedestrian/biker overpass to the Custis Trail at night in Arlington, Va., 10:23PM September 1, 2013.

I was tearing along on my bike on the Custis Trail at night back into D.C. (there is a lot more downhill heading into the District) from the barbecue.


Two young guys at Larry's Lounge, Washington, D.C., 11:02PM September 1, 2013.

Ooooooh, the attitude. We're talking solar output levels (i.e., 386 million BILLION Gigawatts) ... What we have here is the quintessential essence of D.C. gayborhood Gen X'er Y'er gay boy sorority-dom.


Monday Lengthy Bike Ride (and Other) Pictures ...

**Updated 12:20AM 6/6/2014: Content removed. Entry now just features bike ride pictures.**

The street sign for the 1500 block of Upshur Street and 4100 block of 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 4:05PM September 2, 2013.

This is the two-syllable "U" street east of Rock Creek Park heading north (the address numbers in the northwest quadrant of the District). Upshur Street stretches (intermittently) well into Northeast D.C. and crosses the Maryland line into Mount Rainier and finally runs all the way into Bladensburg. West of Rock Creek Park, it is "Upton Street."

Heading south it is much more confusing with no identifiable two-syllable U street name in Southwest and a very disjointed and short one called Upsal Street in Southeast. (Of note, there IS a two-syllable "X" Street (Xenia) in Southeast D.C. with a tiny fragment in Southwest D.C. There is no single letter "X" anywhere in D.C., nor any two syllable "X" streets in NE or NW. And nowhere is there a three-syllable or floral "X" name.)

The surprisingly hilly view looking east from the 1500 block of Upshur Street NW, Washington, D.C., 4:06PM September 2, 2013. In the wintertime, the view is much clearer.

Upshur Street ends in this run at Soldier's Home before restarting east of Providence Hospital.

Holly Street NW (floral / 4th alphabet H street) in the fabulously wealthy Rock Green Gardens section of D.C. between 16th Street and Rock Creek Park; 4:29PM September 2, 2013.


The 7900 block of West Beach Drive, Washington, D.C., 4:34PM September 2, 2013.

Kalmia Street is the (floral / 4th alphabet K) street that transits a narrow "pinch point" of Rock Creek Park between East and West Beach Drives.

The northernmost street in D.C. is Verbena Street (floral / 4th alphabet V street) where it meets East Beach Drive. The northernmost houses in the District of Columbia are 8500 East Beach Drive and 1799 Verbena Street NW. Also, the 8500 address is the highest numbered address in the District of Columbia (numbered "north" of the U.S. Capitol Building). The numbers run to very high values into the Maryland (esp. Montgomery County) suburbs (reaching into the 30000s near Damascus, though Rockville is on its own grid).

The North Cornerstone is located behind these two houses in a ravine off East-West Highway across the street from Rosemary Hills neighborhood (and NOT the ceremonial one placed at 16th Street and East-West Highway).

A picture of the North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia being touched by yours truly back on May 30, 2011. I didn't go there this time.


Brilliant sunlight as seen from Primrose Street (floral / 4th alphabet P Street) within a hundred feet or so of the D.C./Maryland line (where the street changes name to Grubb Road); Washington, D.C., 4:36PM September 2, 2013.

We missed all chances of thunderstorms / heavy rains this weekend and now it's September dry.


A large home on Leland Street (I think 3100 Leland Street), Chevy Chase, Md., 4:59PM September 2, 2013.


The view along Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, Md., just north of Chevy Chase Circle on the D.C./Maryland line, 5:18PM September 2, 2013.

This is very close to the location of the house with gate and walkway in the lead image.


A house along 49th Street NW in the Spring Valley section of Washington, D.C., 5:44PM September 2, 2013.

I've talked about and featured many pictures of Spring Valley in various entries, most recently here, so there is no reason to do so again.


Steeply sloping section of Chain Bridge Road NW located between Loughboro Road and MacArthur Blvd., Washington, D.C., 5:55PM September 2, 2013.


Another stretch of Chain Bridge Road as seen alongside Battery Kemble Park (on its east side), Washington, D.C., 5:57PM September 2, 2013.

Battery Kemble is part of the "Fort Circle" system of NPS-administered parks in D.C. of former Civil War era Union encampments. Chain Bridge Road has some funky looking modernist houses on the west side of it. (Of note, the name "Chain Bridge" has recurred in various places throughout the history of D.C. and Arlington.)


And here is the final picture ...

The intersection of Q and 31st Streets NW (with a fortuitously timed young jogger) in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., 6:47PM September 2, 2013.

This was near the end of what I estimate to have been a 16 mile bike ride (plus or minus a couple miles).

I had stopped at Palisades Pizzeria and Clam Bar place, which was fine in its vintage early 1980s decor, except CNN was on and cranked up and the warmongering was at a fevered pitch with Wolf the Muppet talking to Jim Clancy to "get the Israeli perspective" (READ: hard-right Likud view) on the disastrous mess in Syria. At least it wasn't (like last week) Maj. Gen. James "Spider" Marks, one of those former military types-turned-TV pundits also feeding at the "consultant" trough to the military-industrial-surveillance complex and attendant post-9/11 Permanent War Machine (even while giving his "unbiased" expert opinion) and frickin' Fran (sorry, "Frances") Townsend.

Oooh, the media horror. Have we entered some "Blade Runner" future (6 years early) and nobody told me??


OK, that's all for now. I'm not sure how tomorrow will play out. I will try to update the blog as necessary. I also INTEND to post the Rehoboth Beach / Wildwood / Cape May vacation pictures.


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