Friday, September 20, 2013

Eve of Fall Follies in Washington and America -OR- "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit!"

The "AMOR" sign -- it doesn't appear to be one of the actual sculptures -- inside the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., 1:46PM September 19, 2013.

I was walking back to work from a quick follow-up visit to the dentist on Thursday.


OK, I'm home for a little while this Friday night. I just got home from the gym, where I went directly after work. I jogged 5 miles / climbing the equivalent of about 1,080 feet on the treadmill; did some weight-lifting; and then swam for 25 minutes. I opted not to go grocery shopping, and instead get some dinner (either at Bua or Dupont Italian Kitchen) before going to No. 9 and then perhaps Nellie's.

Enid Haupt Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1:14PM September 19, 2013.


As for tomorrow, I intend to go to the gym again and then take Sunday off as I am meeting Quill. We nixed going to the Maryland Ren Fest and instead will just gad about D.C., her consolation prize spending the afternoon with me.

It continues to be too god damned dry, though not hideously hot (regardless of humidity levels). Therefore, the Palka-Cabra Creature, a.k.a., "Miss Snake Eyes," only gets one of her three ideal weather situations. Ditto Sterling LWX and the drooling, slurping, huge-headed Doug Hill on Channel 7. I've not tuned into the Capital Weather Gang at all this week -- I don't need to read 543 variations of "terrific weather" from the same D.C. yuppie clownish crew.

The NWS / NCEP / WPC Lower 48 surface forecast map valid at 12Z (8AM EDT) September 21, 2013.


As it is, a cold front with waves of low pressure and a connection to the tropics (in particular the Gulf of Mexico) is progged to move through by Saturday evening. However, the QPF amounts for the immediate D.C. area look underwhelming -- barely a half inch. (For some reason, there is a flash flood watch out for the Blue Ridge of West Virginia.) Then it is just more uninterrupted god damned sunshine of the sort we usually get in September and October.

72-hour QPF valid 0Z 21 September - 0Z 23 September 2013 for the Lower 48 United States.


Astronomical fall arrives at 4:44PM EDT (2044UTC) on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013.

I intend to update the blog tomorrow with some political commentary / links to pieces regarding the impending Federal Gov't shutdown, debt default threats, and general GOP Teabagger insanity that the Republican Party elite -- having helped to create -- can no longer control. A shutdown will directly and quickly adversely affect me as a Federal contractor.

One nice thing: The House GOP Crazy Caucus voted to cut the SNAP ("food stamps") program by $40 billion and throw millions off it while INCREASING agricultural / agribusiness subsidies, thus proving what we always knew they are about.

It's a very morally diseased time in which we live and the Empire is in serious trouble, its Oligarchy in a degenerating state. The good news is Fred Hiatt and the WaHoPo editorial writers -- Mother Marcus! -- are still seeking and assured of that Zen-like perfect "bipartisan" balance where "entitlement reform" makes the world safe for Robert Rubin economics.

Meanwhile, former WaHoPo editorial writers / Washington Consensus Central courtiers Sebastian Mallaby and Ben Wittes can take turns explaining the virtues of middle and working-class destroying Free Trade theory and the "proper" legal framework of the ever-metastasizing military - industrial - surveillance complex state.

In particular, they can explain how all of this Washington Consensus claptrap actually leads to a functioning, healthy society RATHER than merely representing the society-crushing interests of the top 0.1% corporate oligarchical over-class, all this flippin' theory and Brookings Institution panels producing a world ...  

... where everything ends up looking like Detroit and a quarter of the population are crystal meth or crack addicts who can only shop at Walmart...

I guess Wall-P -- who worships Robert Rubin in its otherwise godless atheistic Cosmos -- will be duly impressed by that explanation.

"Eh. Eh. Ehehehe. Robert Rubin is a multi-millionaire. And he is incredibly accomplished, having risen to the highest levels of our society, adding financial value to all his clients and in public service for which he forfeited income. Therefore, by the laws of money and success, we can conclude --"

Ohhhh, shut-up, Wall-P, you thimble-ful of corporate stoogery. Go paint another wall in your 54-room  mansion off-white.

But I also want to post some other entries as well including mention of the quite remarkable interview that Pope Francis gave to La Civiltà Cattolica and that is published in full in the September 30, 2013 edition of America: The National Catholic Review. I knew I liked this new Pope.

Just for reference, my Washington, D.C., Catholicism is entirely informed by Msgr. James D. Watkins.

Behold him -- I see a Humble Yet Radiant Vicar and Servant of Christ feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the poor bad drag queen act in the form of a comedic operatic performance consisting of equal parts Carmen Miranda and Chita Rivera.

Did you know that Msgr. Watkins is FLUENT in Italian and it says so at the confessional booth?? (At least it used to when he was at St. Matthew's Cathedral.) This is in case anyone ever needs to run to his church on their lunch hour to confess to him their sins in Italian. Oh, Msgr. Watkins -- you really are special.


Ever notice how in the past 40 years EVERY flippin' institution, organization, movement, idea, and would-be savior / charismatic leader in America has been nothing but a self-serving, publicity-obsessed, self-aggrandizing, and wholly fraudulent let down?

Another view of the Enid Haupt Garden and Smithsonian Castle -- this one as I walking from the office TO the dentist, 1:13PM September 19, 2013.


And I'll briefly update on my dental issues and possible problems with tooth #15, yes, #15, which is next to the gaping -- though mercifully not visible -- hole where was the badly compromised tooth #14 before it was necessarily extracted.

OK, that's all for now. I'm not sure why I'm in such a pissy mood. I just am.


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