Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Rainy and Migrainy Saturday -OR- The Sudden Daytime Aura Aurora; Nighttime Old Star Trek Episode on the Edge of Forever

Updated 2:02PM 9/22/2013 with rainfall totals (see below).

Wet yard of the house at the corner of 17th and T Streets and Florida Avenue NW (2100 and 2102 17th Street NW), Washington, D.C., 5:29PM September 21, 2013. This is a "castle" like house with a big turret on it.


I'm home on this rainy Saturday night watching TV (see below) and doing laundry. I am also suffering from a residual migraine headache -- the arrival of which was rather scary (also see below).

Blurry image from my kitchen window looking out on a rainy night across the intersection of 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 9:00PM September 21, 2013.


To begin with, this Saturday has been a welcome rainy, cool day. The radar shows -- and looking out the window across D.C. on this wet night, not to mention HEARING the rain drops splash and slash across the window and my window air conditioner -- shows and suggests that the heaviest precipitation is presently passing through. The cold front crossing the Eastern Seaboard has tapped a deep plume of tropical Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico moisture.

Here are a series of radar images from this evening including the Sterling (LWX) NWS radar and the northeastern U.S. composite radar mosaic image.

The LWX NWS radar in enhanced composite mode reflectivity at 7:34PM EDT September 21, 2013.


The LWX NWS radar in enhanced base mode reflectivity at 9:04PM EDT September 21, 2013.


The NWS radar mosaic for the northeastern U.S. at 2248UTC (6:48PM EDT) September 21, 2013.


NWS radar mosaic for the northeastern U.S. at 0038UTC September 22, 2013 (838PM EDT September 21, 2013).


We should end up with about an inch of rain area-wide at this rate, though it is always dicey to anticipate what might fall officially at KDCA. We've had at least 2/3" rain through 10PM.

UPDATED 2:02PM 9/22/2013

The following precipitation -- rainfall -- amounts were recorded yesterday for the event at the four main regional climate stations including the three civilian airports. These are both daily and event totals since the latter occurred wholly on 9/21. Also included are monthly (MTD) and yearly (YTD) totals, departures, and normal amounts through the end of yesterday.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA)

Daily: 0.87"
MTD: 1.22" -1.33" (2.55")
YTD: 29.54" +0.59" (28.95")
2012 YTD: 22.22"


Baltimore / Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (KBWI)

Daily: 0.95"
MTD: 1.65" -1.10" (2.75")
YTD: 27.22" -3.38" (30.60")
2012 YTD: 24.34"


Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD)

Daily: 1.30"
MTD: 1.61" -1.13" (2.74")
YTD: 29.46" -1.28" (30.74")
2012 YTD: 21.88"


Maryland Science Center (KDHM) (Inner Harbor, Baltimore)

Daily: 1.29"
MTD: 1.67" -1.11" (2.78")
YTD: 29.65" -0.50" (30.15")
2012 YTD: 26.36"

Note: KDMH does not have a full 30-year base period "normal" climate record as of yet.

**End update**


Anyway, changing subjects, I'm home watching TV before I go out. Presently as I write this, I am watching Star Trek (The Original Series!) presently aired on Me TV at 9PM on Saturday nights. The episode being aired is my all-time favorite one ... drum roll ... "The City on the Edge of Forever"!

The Guardian of Forever in "The City on the Edge of Forever" episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Edith Keeler and Captain Kirk in "The City on the Edge of Forever" in Star Trek: The Original Series.


The great climactic statement of the episode: Edith Keeler must die!

I love Joan Collins.

Of course, they never explain how they so quickly get back -- and how / whether Capt. Kirk told Dr. McCoy why Edith Keeler had to die, and if so, what was his reaction.

As it is, I have a Plush Hippo on the Edge of My Bed (Looking at a Pile of Laundry).

This was the view a short while ago in my little apartment. Yes, I put the overhead light on. Usually, it's a lot dimmer.


As for my day, I had intended to do two things this afternoon -- first, go to the gym and then write a political-themed entry this evening that built on the one I posted yesterday, in particular some of the political commentary and economic discussion.

In the end, I never made it to the gym (although I went Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (yesterday) because of a migraine headache that suddenly hit me in the form of the onset symptoms. It was about 4PM, and I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed when it started.

Rainy day on the avenue -- outside the Hampton Courts apartment where I live, Washington, D.C., 5:24PM September 21, 2013. (You can't see my windows because the tree limbs are in the way, but I'm on the 5th floor.)


I started to experience -- or rather, to perceive -- a strange sensation. My right eye peripheral vision began to dissolve into a strange, rapidly shifting and flashing blur with at least one "jagged" edge appearing in front of me. I would soon surmise (with the help of my friend Mike G and Google) that this was the "aura" experience that happens just before certain kinds of migraines.

An artist's rendition of one type of pre-migraine "aura" -- a shifting zigzag pattern with flashing lights -- except in my case it was in my right peripheral vision with just one "piece" of it "arcing" into my main field of vision. Yes, it's more than a little trippy / psychedelic -- and scary when it is happening if you haven't previously experienced it.

This rendition and others are from the Wikipedia site on the aura symptom.  And WebMD contains another discussion of migraine with aura.


I called the MedStar number and while the Chevy Chase, Md., office was closed, there was an on-call physician for emergencies, I would have had to have told the operator it was an emergency, which I just wasn't prepared to do. I never quite got to the level of panic on this as I had some sense it was migraine related*. As it was, the sensation began fading as soon as I got off the phone.

*Back in 2006 on a showery drizzly fall night, I had a prolonged tingly feeling on my right side that was so jarring that I took a taxicab to George Washington University Hospital ER, where after waiting 4 hours in a place that turns into a de facto homeless shelter between 1AM and 5AM, and feeling as though I would not die, I just left.

Oh, and I never paid the $150 bill I got for taking my temperature. I really and truly dislike GWU Hospital.

Even earlier in the late 1990s, I had another episode when living in the house on Princeton Avenue in College Park. I called the ambulance then but never went with them.

The small parking lot of the JD Andrews Building at 2460 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:01PM September 21, 2013. Rainwater was pouring off the roof of one side of the ornate building that houses something called the Council for Professional Recognition.


During and immediately after the "aura" episode, I contacted a few people -- Gary and Larry and, most importantly, Mike G. He once described experiencing similar symptoms. It was he who alerted me to the possibility of either a transient ischemic attack ("TIA") stroke or the type of migraine that includes this "aura" phenomenon. You see, Mike G has had a number of these episodes over the years including two that sounded worse than what I had with actual inability to talk and going to the ER. Speaking to him really eased my mind since I became sure that is exactly was it was. He also warned me about the impending major headache, which arrived about an hour later.

Walkway between the small lot behind the JD Andrews Building (located off Kalorama Rd.) and 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:02PM September 21, 2013.


In my case, the headache has continued but slowly waned. The problem is that I've not had something so explicit like this before and I'm not sure if it will happen again and what I should do. I am supposed to see the doctor on a follow-up visit next Friday.

I skipped the gym and instead went grocery shopping at the Harris Teeter.

OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, I would like to note -- since the Saturday night monster / horror movie show on Me TV is presently on -- an item about Svengoolie. (Tonight's movie is "Monster on Campus" from 1958.) The original Svengoolie -- Jerry G. Bishop -- passed away last week on Tuesday at age 77. The HuffPo article is here and here is the Chicago Tribune article.

Rich Koz -- the current (Son of) Svengoolie, who has been the Svengoolie since 1979 -- sent out the following tweet on Tuesday (see above).


OK, that really is all for now. I'm going to Larry's Lounge in a little bit to meet Gary, though I still feel a bit headachy and light-headed. I'm skipping my usual jukebox Saturday night entry tonight. I'm meeting up with Quill tomorrow.


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