Thursday, August 22, 2013

Less Than a Pillar of Health -OR- A Piece of What Rock? (and more old sitcom "Me" TV watching)

Stratus fog clouds cap the Rock of Gibraltar (one of the "Pillars of Hercules" in Antiquity on either side of the Straits of Gibraltar) in the early morning sunlight on August 18, 2013.

(The place is overrun with hundreds of Barbary macaques, which I could most definitely do without seeing. Monkeys make me nervous. Well, maybe not a little baby chimp, but that's about it.)


I'm not feeling very well tonight. I had to abort my gym visit -- at 3.32 miles / approx. 40 minutes into the run, which is the first of my three-part routine (jogging, some weight-lifting, and swimming).

The way I see it, EITHER something is quite wrong with my health OR I may have a sinus infection, or maybe I was just dehydrated and/or had low blood sugar. I really didn't eat much of a lunch earlier but then again, I often don't eat my main meal until the night. Regardless, I've run substantially more (2+ miles more) and never felt like that. I could barely stand up and it took a while to "re-equilibrate" myself, though no one seemed to notice.

I need to get a medical checkup, though I wonder if this is some weird after-effect of that gum infection from a few weeks ago. (I still have a slightly weird feeling in crowned tooth #14). I hope this doesn't intervene with my planned upcoming Jersey shore trip with Gary, LP, and Wendy. Right now, I have sort of a sinus-y headache. I also need to get a new dentist. I'm going to do all this after the Jersey shore visit.

Anyway, I didn't try any weight-lifting and skipped the pool. Walking home was dreadful -- sauna-like humid, raining sufficiently hard that I had to put my fleece jacket (which I take to work because it's so chilly in the office with the a/c), and just annoying with too many people on 17th Street. And then I had to grocery shop at the Safeway, and that was annoying, esp. the remaining walk home.

Title card of The Dick Van Dyke Show.

I'm home now, a/c turned on and watching TV and eating the dinner I cooked. I'm watching Memorable Entertainment (Me) TV. I was just watching The Dick Van Dyke Show. It was the one featuring Dick Van Dyke's younger brother Jerry Van Dyke as his TV character brother Stacey.

Cast picture of the Petrie family including Mary Tyler Moore (Laura), Dick Van Dyke (Rob), and Larry Matthews (Richie), 3rd season / circa 1963.

It has been remarked many times -- and I'll do so again here -- that it was weird (and likely on purpose) that Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore's characters looked like JFK and Jackie Kennedy.

The main members of The Dick Van Dyke Show including (left to right): Buddy, Sally, Rob (on the floor), Laura, and Richie.

Of note, not only are both Van Dyke brothers still alive (87 and 82, respectively), but so is Mary Tyler Moore (76) AND Rose Marie (she just turned 90 on Aug. 15th), and (less surprisingly) Larry Matthews, who played her son Richie* (58).

This means that of the main cast, only Morey Amsterdam is dead (having died in 1996). (Well, Richard Deacon also passed away way back in 1984 at 63.)That's noteworthy considering the show was on television 50 years ago.

Coincidentally, both Rose Marie and Larry Matthews were born on August 15th (1923 and 1955, respectively).

*Yes, "MTM" had a real son named Richard "Richie" Meeker Jr., who died at age 24 in 1980 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, though it was not deemed a suicide but an accident.

I met MTM in November 1995 at a book signing for her book After All at the old Dupont Circle Supercrown that is now Books-A-Million.

Oh, yes, while writing the above, I watched the last of the three part episode "The England Show" of Married, With Children. The ending joust scene where the Bundy's are chased is kind of funny. Above is a screenshot of the boundary between Lower and Upper Uncton (see previous entry).

I may try to go to the gym again tomorrow night -- but just into the pool, and provided I feel better.  I hope I'm not dying.

OK, that's all for now. I may update my two previous entries with a few items.


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