Thursday, August 15, 2013

"In Fellowship Hall ..." -OR- A Better Sort of Day

Updated 5:39PM 8/17/2013: See below

The House of the Temple of the Supreme Plush Oligarchical & Antikythera Hippo Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, Washington D.C., 7:39PM August 14, 2013.

This hulking, majestic structure is located less than 2,000 feet from where I live.  This was on an astonishingly lovely evening (for mid-August).


This is the entry that I intended to post last night.

Church of the Holy Hippo City at stunning and sunset, 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:42PM August 14, 2013, so uncharacteristic for the "dog days" of summer.

Of note, this may be the last picture that I ever take / post with my current cellphone.


On the downside, this is the second night in a row where I did NOT go to the gym. HOWEVER, I have gone quite a bit lately (and my weight is still holding near its post-gym joining "low" of 148 pounds, compared to 185 pounds when I joined back in late June 2012) and I do intend to go tomorrow and certainly at least once this weekend.

Everybody's favorite bald cypress tree outside the Frank D. Reeves Center at U and 14th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 10:32AM August 14, 2013.
It was a delightful August morning, so uncharacteristic weather-wise compared to "normal."


On the upside, it appears that I should be able to get a NEW old LG Revere 2 model flip-open cellphone for FREE -- after walking into the Verizon store on L Street NW and (basically) being told to go to hell, I had no warranty, and that I would need to pay a jillion dollars for a new one. But I called customer service and the fellow told me the good news.

However, the phone may not appear until Monday or Tuesday. For that reason, I cannot use the phone much between now and then -- and, indeed, must keep it off most of time. Why? Because the charging "port" is damaged and as soon as the current charge runs out, the phone is (to quote my dad) "as dead as Marley's d//k." Pretty.

The platform escalator on the Vermont Avenue side of the (full name) U Street / African American Civil War Memorial / Cardozo / 19 Syllables Long Name / Longest Station Name in the System Metro Station on the Green Line, Washington, D.C., 10:40AM August 14, 2013.


In addition, on the EXTRA UPSIDE, having the phone off will make ABSO-POSITIVE-LUTELY NO DIFFERENCE because (other than text messages from Gary and the occasional reply from AP) NOBODY contacts me and it makes NO FLIPPIN' DIFFERENCE.

Not to be negative or anything, but I could drop dead in this room and no one would notice for, like, 10 days. The building maintenance guy would probably first notice owing to a bad smell. Oh, well ... it's not like I help others all that much.


I'm home right now and just watched another delightful episode of The Odd Couple on Me TV entitled "The Princess."

I really like The Odd Couple, but, oddly enough -- and unlike other sitcoms of that long-ago era that I watched in reruns even by the mid-to-late 1970s (this particular show was on in the early to mid-1970s) with my dad in Long Branch, New Jersey --  I simply do not remember many of these episodes.

By contrast, I well remember all of The Honeymooners ones.

It's weird how much Tony Randall's Felix Unger character reminds me of David Hyde Pierce's Niles Crane character on Frasier.

I just made a good enough dinner: I "fried up" TWO of the (Mike?) Tyson grilled chicken strips in a bag and mixed it with ONE boiled bag of Success rice and fresh-produce steamed broccoli and carrots (to which I added a bit of butter). Delicious. And I'm watching a rerun on Antenna TV of Married, With Children.

Earlier tonight, I went to No. 9 (yes, again) but had a pleasant time talking to a fellow named Kevin.

I have that beautiful saxophone piece by Euge Groove "Fellowship Hall" in my head, which I heard on earlier today

"... in Fellowship Hall!"

(No, those aren't the lyrics -- it's an instrumental with no lyrics -- but rather, I ad-libbed it as it sounds to me as though that is what the song is "saying.")

I also want to post a wonderful Barry White piece ("Never, Never Gonna Give You Up") that I intend to post as part of my planned jukebox Saturday night entry. Speaking of phones, I wish I had met Barry White and asked him to do my telephone voice mail greeting.

 Apparently, random folks who met White would occasionally ask him to do that, and he would. Awesome.

OK, I think that's all for now. The rest of this entry just contains some pictures I took on August 4th on a walk with Gary from Friendship Heights through the upscale-to-super wealthy part of D.C. called Spring Valley that is, yes, also a Superfund site.


UPDATED 5:39PM 8/17/2013: In lieu of posting the walk pictures in this entry, I posted them in the subsequent one I posted a short while ago and linked here.


I intend to post an entry on Friday night about Wall-P's birthday, and how Staff invited Fun Time Gary and Sssshtof to the house party. Specifically, I want to recall a time when Hysterical "Gee" shrieked out ("ROCK ON!") in wildly passive aggressive fashion a wildly inappropriate comment that triggered a sort of French farce opéra comique scene even as "HG" got a time out in the basement. As for Wall-P, he just burbled about his money, the Dow, the Washington Consensus, and his synergistic client relations.

Mount Taranaki (Mount Egmont) in the Taranaki region of the North Island of New Zealand in a photo I found here by Brian The Euphonium.

Is anything in frickin' New Zealand NOT frickin' astonishingly, stunningly, transcendentally beautiful??


OK, that's all for now.


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