Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Workday Flotsam and Dental Jetsam -OR- The Ghost of Abel Upshur Rides a Boat

Black-Eyed Susan flowers at 1780 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 5:33PM August 2, 2013.


I'm just too tired to write any meaningful update.

In brief, today was a somewhat unusual sort of day. For starters, my planned "work from home" day ended up an entire day off and now I need to make up a full 8 hours this pay period or just take vacation time.

Interior of The Black Rooster Pub, Washington, D.C., 6:47PM August 1, 2013.


As an aside, I don't have a lot of vacation time accrued, and I am planning on taking two or maybe three days off later this month for the Jersey shore trip to Wildwood. In addition, I would like to take two days off to go to Toronto at Christmas (that's my current plan).

Yours truly at The Black Rooster Pub, Washington, D.C., 6:49PM August 1, 2013.


As for the rest of the afternoon, I made a follow-up trip to the dentist, and it was suitably strange in a way I figured would happen.

First, the dentist gave me one more antibiotics prescription for a possible residual gum infection well above the gum line behind the left cheek and near my sinuses. Secondly, he agreed that I would postpone the dental scaling and root planing treatment. Next, the office manager came and tried to get me to agree again to this gum procedure. Finally, this other lady came in ready to DO the procedure (which I originally had scheduled for August 7th and was going to pay in three installments). It was at that point I got up and left, although it wasn't clear what I would be charged. In the end, the person at the front desk (who isn't very friendly) did not schedule a "follow up" visit that was going to feature another episode like this.

I've long had weird relationships with those who work in dentists offices including the dentists themselves. The worst was a terrible incident involving a place in Beltsville, Md., back in 1997 or 1998. It was a screaming nightmare involving one of the dental assistants. I don't even like to think about it.

This particular dentist and his office are pretty all black (and he's gay). I have had him for a number of years -- and I also did back in the early 2000s following having this total flake of a high-end dentist that takes no insurance but rather you just take out a credit card and pay upfront. I do not want to post his name since that would be more trouble than its worth.

As for the procedure, I just don't know whether I should do it or not. I had a payment plan worked out (though it wouldn't shock me if the office still debits the $800 on August 26th, as originally arranged).

YMCA National Capital exterior in the 1700 block of Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 1:46PM August 2, 2013.


Thereafter, I went to the gym where I stayed for about 3 hours including 1 hour on the treadmill (5.5 mile jog), 1 hour of light-to-moderate weightlifting, and 45 minutes swimming in the pool (not continuously). I'm rather tired and sore.

The building maintenance fellow put in the new window a/c that I bought this past week (or rather, that Gary bought at the K-Mart next to Goddard in Greenbelt and delivered to me, and for which I have to write him a $127 check). I gave him $20 for his efforts. The new a/c is working well.

My new Frigidaire window air conditioner with my Sunshine Buddies and a small blue glass hippo on the window sill in my apartment, Washington, D.C., 9:28PM August 2, 2013. I moved the lamp to take this picture.


However, the old one -- which got me through some horrible D.C. summers in recent years -- needs to be properly disposed of and I need to figure out how much it is going to cost to have it hauled away. The poor carcass of it is next to my refrigerator.

My old LG window air conditioner on the floor of my apt., Washington, D.C., 8:27PM August 2, 2013.


I'm doing three loads of laundry right now as I watch TV. I'm watching at this precise moment a Dennis the Menace episode on Antenna TV -- featuring a guest star of MLB player Sandy Koufax, who it turns out is still alive at 77. Previous to this, the final three-part episode of Maude when she is appointed a Congresswoman and moves to D.C. (never shown).

The episode (parts 2 and 3) features actors Dennis Burkley, who died just last month on July 14th of a heart attack, and Barbara Rhoades, a big red-headed semi bombshell who also played many roles and who is still alive. Burkley played numerous small parts as characters actors in many TV shows and movies over the years and later as a cartoon character voice in King of the Hill (which I never watched). He was 67.

Above: A picture of Dennis Burkley from his website. He actually looked a lot better in his 60s than he did in his 30s, when he was really fat and really scruffy.

The big pile of laundry should hopefully clear out the current awful combination of smells in my apt -- Pine-Sol cleaner (in and around the toilet) and tuna fish with mayonnaise that I ate a short while ago. Yuck.

I bought some duct tape to hang the sheet in the entrance way to my efficiency (separating off the kitchen), thus allowing the a/c to cool a smaller area that does not include the stove.

Another interior of The Black Rooster Pub, Washington, D.C., 7:58PM August 1, 2013.


Last night, I went to The Black Rooster (see above pictures) with AP & Co., although I'm not sure how well I fit into that group. I had a nice conversation with Jody, the owner of the Black Rooster. His story about how the place was going to close in 2009 -- in fact, had closed and all the stuff sold off -- only to have it resurrected thanks to the intervention of others including a Virginia state senator --is quite fascinating.

Tonight, I'll just do my usual solo routine of No. 9 and/or Nellie's, maybe starting at Larry's Lounge. As for tomorrow, I've been invited to a BBQ (involving the same group) at a house on Upshur Street here in D.C. (that's the two-syllable / second alphabet "U" Street east of 16th Street NW heading all the way into Prince George's County, Md., though not as a continuous street).

The Mount Rainier - Upshur (Street) Neighborhood Mini-Park in Mount Rainier, Md., in a picture I took (with the exceptionally sh!tty cellphone camera I had at the time) over 5 years ago on April 13, 2008.


Upshur Street in D.C. is where M. WADE Tipamillyun once lived with Mr. Lousy Cappuccino. That was before the Donny Osmond look-a-like. However, this person lives closer to New Hampshire Avenue NW. (I also live on New Hampshire Avenue, but it's way down by U Street -- the single-letter / first alphabet "U" Street, and it's not a continuous thoroughfare through Columbia Heights.) I think the "shur" and "shire" are the same word (possibly).

As for Upshur Street, it is named for Abel Parker Upshur, a Secretary of the Navy and later the Secretary of State under President Tyler who met a rather untimely end (and is actually buried here in D.C.).

Left: A portrait of Abel Upshur, possibly as Sec'y of the Navy.

OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, as you can see, there is no political-themed or weather-related weather content in this entry. I'm just too tired. Re. the latter, not a whole lot is going on. At least it has not been hellishly hot for weeks on end this summer and there has been sufficient rainfall.

Before ending this entry, I'm now watching those wonderful Me TV-aired shows I mentioned recently: Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda. Not sure if I'll stay here until The Odd Couple is aired.

I'll try to post a "jukebox Saturday night" entry tomorrow.


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