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BLOG ENTRY #1000: Jukebox Saturday Night "Millennium" Edition with Some Probably Better Forgotten Starry Recollections

**Second update at 6:31 p.m. 8/8/2020.**

Updated 3:56AM 12/15/2013 to replace the video that I posted that ONCE AGAIN vanished thanks to Wall-P awfulness.

This is my 1,000th entry on this blog, and it happens to coincide with a Jukebox Saturday Night entry. So in honor of that ...

"Millennium" by Robbie Williams from his "I've Been Expecting You" release (1998)

"We've got stars directing our fate / And we're praying it's not too late / 'Cause we know we're falling from Grace / Millennium ...

"And when we come we always come too late / I often think that we were born to hate / Get up and see the sarcasm in my eyes ...

"We've got stars directing our fate (Millennium) / And we're praying it's not too late (Millennium) / 'Cause we know we're falling from Grace (Millennium)..."

This Regulus blog, now about 5-1/2 years old, replaced my earlier original Arcturus blog that I started in February or March 2006 and lasted until early 2008 (though I can't actually recall now) and then deleted.

Along the way, I briefly had a Procyon blog that I deleted. I also have a second Arcturus blog that I also started in 2008 but that I have not updated in over a year, and which remains hidden behind a password wall.

The original Arcturus blog, the Procyon blog, and the second Arcturus blog started as a way of "talking" to some idiot named "Mr. Sirius" that I once liked, and who is now known as "M. Wade Tipamillyun." Even this Regulus blog is overloaded with references to "Mr. Sirius" from its inception through 2010.

Just FYI, adding these 1,000 entries to all the other blogs' entries, including about 450 on the original Arcturus one, comes to about 2,000 entries over 7-1/2 years. In terms of time, assuming even just 2 hours to post an entry, this is 4,000 hours or over half a year. In point of fact, it was probably closer to 3 to 4 hours per entry. This means that I've spent between 6 months and 1 year actually composing and correcting entries over the past 7-1/2 years.

I'm not going to justify or try to explain such a warped and absurd infatuation or why it lasted for so long. I will just say that the next 1,000 entries on this blog -- should the blog last that long and/or I make it that long to post them all -- will not repeat such nonsense. I suppose the whole thing fulfilled some internal mental and/or spiritual need.


"Sky High" by Newton (c. 1995)

This is a fun song / video from the mid-1990s by the British singer Newton. It features an energetic, "up" dance beat common to club songs of the period. (I recall this video being played at JRs and elsewhere back then in what were my early days of going out.) However, this version is actually a remake of the 1975 original by the British group Jigsaw, and what's more (at least according to the Wikipedia article), Newton is not only just lip-synching while the original Jigsaw vocalist Des Dyer sings, but Mr. Dyer actually appears as one of the two silent guys throughout the video (he's the blond guy). Also, the little rectangular mirror-like objects that keep appearing remind me of a present day iPhone while the bigger ones look like a Tablet.

Newton (Billy Myers) himself is kind of gay cute.


I went to the gym earlier and had a decent regular workout -- 5 mile jog, light-to-moderate weight-lifting, and swimming laps (a half mile in total, though not continuously). 

So, tonight I was planning on going to Old Ebbitt Grill and then to No. 9. I may also go to Nellie's, where I have not been (except briefly on a Sunday) for at least a month. As for tomorrow, I am supposed to go to a BBQ at Jake and Matt's place in Arlington with AP's group. I was thinking of riding my bike there. I just don't want -- and will not have a repeat -- of my last jaunt there for the July 4th BBQ.

The night is a summery warm, thickly humid one with temps. around 82F at the 9PM hour and dew points in the 69F to 73F range. This followed a day with temps reaching the lower 90s Fahrenheit including 92F at KDCA, 91F at KBWI, and 90F at KIAD.

Tomorrow is the start of climatological (as opposed to seasonal) autumn. I'll post the summary temp. and precipitation numbers for climatological summer 2013 for our three main regional civilian airport climate stations (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD). We need some more rain.


OK, that's all for now. Oh, yes, just as an aside, I was watching "Star Trek: The Original Series" on MeTV as I composed the bulk of this entry. It was the "Devil in the Dark" episode.

Next up is the Saturday night low-rent monster / scary movie hosted by the wonderful old-school host Svengoolie himself. Tonight's movie is "Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy." The format is truly a refreshing throw-back to another, happier TV time.

Get better, Mr. Svengooglie!

OK, that really is all for now.

Forward the Blogging Millennium!


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