Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Lost in D.C. Space Weekend with Solo Trio Dinner; Gym Visit; Forgettable Bar Revue

The Bay State at 1701 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 6:55PM August 10, 2013. This building -- with its Art Deco-ish style -- is at 17th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW.

I think Wall-P once threatened to move there ("Eh - Eh - Eh - Ehehehe"). Or was it to buy the building outright?

The weather was all sunshine and drier today with temps around 84F for highs. We need some more rain.


I think I'm going to skip a "jukebox" Saturday night musical interlude of an entry since I really don't have anything particular that I want to post. Boo.

Instead, I'll just post this brief update.

As I write this (at 8:31PM) I am watching Me TV, specifically, an episode of Lost in Space called "The Sky Pirate." It's rather cute with Will taking a liking to a "sky pirate" who is basically a Long John Silver kind of character. The Robot (B-9) doesn't have a lot to say in this episode (not even his iconic line that morphed into the pop cultural meme, "Danger, Will Robinson!").

"Lost in Space" opening as seen earlier tonight on Me TV.


What a weird show (based, of course, on the comic Space Family Robinson, which was based on The Swiss Family Robinson, which in turn has some connection, of a sorts, to the novel Robinson Crusoe).

Of more interest to me is the realization that Lost in Space falls well within a certain TV sitcom / program genre of the late 1950s to late 1960s period with story lines involving housewives with fantastical powers; magical genies in bottles; the presence of ghosts and witches in Modernist suburban settings; and even (in the case of Lost in Space) a sort of post-World War II idyllic American family traveling about the galaxy in (as seen from the 1960s) the "far off future" of the late 1990s, and getting stranded on strange planets. Then there is the fully ecumenical and wonderfully utopian future portrayed in Star Trek: The Original Series. And then there is the supernaturally-bent powerful morality tales from The Twilight Zone.

June Lockhart was kind of strange-looking, at least in that series. Of note, she's still alive and 88 years old.

This is the "Pen Arts Building" at 1300 17th Street NW Washington, D.C., 6:53PM August 10, 2013. This building houses something called the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW).


I just made dinner (my usual rice in a bag, steamed broccoli and carrots from actual fresh produce, and heated (fried?) grilled chicken strips in a bag. I'm also doing two loads of laundry. Earlier, I went to the gym where I had an all-around good workout, especially jogging on treadmill (5.3 miles) and swimming (25 back-and-forth laps or 50 total) in the pool.

I was going to take off from the gym today but I'll take off tomorrow and instead perhaps take a bike ride.

As for tonight, I'm not really sure. Last night was a solo night and I was kind of irritated at a certain somebody, but I don't want to go into that now. Long story short, Mr. Fun Time had fun while I did not. Instead, I had my usual weekend late night text exchange with ChrisT down in Al'obama.

Yours truly at Trio Restaurant last night, Washington, D.C., 12:57AM August 10, 2013.


I ended up having a late solo dinner at Trio after going to No. 9 and Windows, and then walked home by 130AM in time for The Honeymooners.

As for Trio, the place opened in 1950, and its current interior d├ęcor is probably from the mid-1980s. It is actually quite pleasant in there at that hour with light easy jazz music playing and subdued lighting. Indeed, it's really the only place where you can find that kind of music on a weekend night.

Exterior image of Trio Restaurant from online picture I found.


As for Trio's 1950 opening, this was shortly after the more famous Annie's Steakhouse that is located less than a 100 feet away (although the latter used to be housed a bit farther down 17th Street in the building that now houses JR's / the lair of the D.C. Gay Mafia). (Of note, Annie Kaylor of Annie's Steakhouse fame died at age 85 on July 24th. There was as big Washington Post obituary article on August 3rd with the online version linked here.) Both places figure prominently in the gay history of Washington (Annie's more so back in the 1960s).

I think it's so weird that Trio has been there for most of my mom and dad's life (my mom would have been about 1 year old and my dad about 9 years old when it opened).

Anyway, last night at Trio I had a steak dinner with broccoli and instant mashed potatoes and two glasses of white wine.

Here is a picture of the steak dinner.

I know, I know: Pictures of other people's dinner always look a bit gross (especially with a cheap cellphone camera).

Of note, I got there after 1230AM when the late night menu starts, but the on-duty manager was kind enough to let me order at that point from the regular menu.

Yours truly again at Trio, Washington, D.C., 12:58AM August 10, 2013 (yes, this picture is slightly different from the one above).


I left Trio around 115AM and got home in time to watch the Me TV airing of The Honeymooners at 130AM.

"The Honeymooners," Me TV screenshot, 1:55AM August 10, 2013.


OK,  that's all for now. I'm posting this entry at 1113PM, partly because I ended up in a 45 minute phone conversation with my mom. I'm not sure what to do tonight -- probably No. 9 first followed by Larry's Lounge. I've not actually been to Nellie's in over two weeks. Fun Time Gary is going to Town tonight, but I'm not sure I'll go there.

I may update this blog tomorrow night, otherwise it will be on Monday or Tuesday.


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